Saturday, May 18, 2013

From This Valley – An Art Journal Page



“Oh the caged bird dreams of a strong wind that will flow ‘neath her wings. Like a voice longs for a melody, oh Jesus carry me.”

So I think I’ve been on a kick lately of creating art journal pages around the lyrics of some of my favorite songs. This is a page I made a couple weeks ago inspired by one of my all time favorite songs, “From This Valley” by The Civil Wars. Oh this song… I just can’t even. It honestly makes my heart feel like it’s just about to explode with happiness! And part of it may be in the way they perform it with the most overwhelming sense joy, it’s contagious. You can’t help but smile… this is my happy song.

“From This Valley” is actually an unreleased song that became a live show staple for the duo. All of the lyrics to this song have my heart but the lyrics in the bridge stand out to me the most. The expressive words just paint the most beautiful picture. So those were the ones I chose to use as inspiration for this page.

I used pretty scrapbook paper, lace, ribbon, doilies, sheet music, washi tape, stamps, as well as other embellishments. This was a really fun page to make, the song was just going through my head the entire time. I love the way it represents this very beautiful lyric and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Oh and since we’re talking about The Civil Wars, if you’re a fan you know that they had been on an indefinite hiatus since November of last year, claiming irreconcilable differences & internal discord. Well now they have just recently announced a brand new self titled album to be released this summer! They still have been very hush hush on whether this is an actual reunion (the album was written & recorded before the split), I’m a bit skeptical but here’s hopin’!

Some new art journaling supplies I used for this page. Pretty Washi tape and some fun embellishments. -


My growing washi tape collection. You can never have to much… yeah, I’m obsessed. -