Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Pursuit

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was abandoned and betrayed by the very people who should have loved and protected her. She felt all alone in the world and had no choice but to grow up really fast. She had people who loved her, but eventually pushed all of them away. Including her savior, who was the one that loved her more than she could have ever imagined. She was beautiful, on the inside and out. She was talented and had a God given call on her life. But she succumbed to the pain and let it take her under.

This was inspired by her. She is now recovering from the pain and letting people back in her life again. My prayer for her is to never forget that her Savior is always in passionate pursuit of her heart. He longs to love her the way no one else could.

In Pursuit

Once upon a time they left her, they left her all alone. She grew up so fast. She was Alice falling through an hour glass. No, time was not her friend. Love left her again and again. A grown up at the age of ten. She heard of a love that could heal every scar, she tried it, but something still felt a little too far. She tried love, but it let her down. Now she's the one who's left town.

Life let's me down. But just when I think I'm abandoned, love turns my battered head back around. To show it was there all along. I can never run too far. Love's a person in pursuit of my heart.

Love, or so it would seem, was probably easier to find in another scene. Oh if there was a touch that couldn't hurt, but that's all it ever did for you. And now you search but you end up finding what you tried to lose, cause sometimes you can't tell the difference between love and abuse.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh will anyone ever see her again? The little girl in a woman's skin with a heart of porcelain. Who can take the fragile broken pieces of glass and turn them into a perfect work of art? She's still waiting, waiting in the dark.

(Repeat Chorus)

(C) Krystal Celeste

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Writing Influence...

One of my biggest writing influences is singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan. I've listened to her music ever since I was like 10 or 11 years old. My sister and I grew up to her music. I knew every word to every song on her "A Reason To Live" CD, and "Listen" continues to be one of my very favorite Cd's to this day. My parents took my sister and I to her concerts a couple times when we were younger, we loved it! We even have a picture taken with her, which I would post if my sister wouldn't kill me lol. I feel like she was my first taste of what real songwriting was as a child. Her music, to me, is timeless. It's still walking along side me even as an adult. It's real, honest, sincere, heartfelt, thought provoking, and interesting. Good songwriting draws you in and becomes a living breathing part of you. You feel like you are taking a peak into the life of someone else...but all of the sudden you realize you're really looking at a reflection of your own life. This what her music is to me. And that's the kind of writer that I want to be. To write honest, real, sincere, heartfelt, thought provoking, and interesting songs.

Not too long ago on Cindy's website, fans were sending in questions for her to answer. Well I decided to submit a question and turns out, mine was the first one that she answered:

"The first question is from Krystal.
Being a songwriter myself i was wanting to know, what song did you have the hardest time writing? And what song was the easiest to write? Do the happier songs or the sad, maybe more introspective songs come easier?

Hi Krystal,Thanks so much for your question. I think your instincts are right on about it being easier to write the introspective songs. I can only speak for myself, but I think songwriting in general is about trying to reconcile things in life.For me, writing songs is much like journaling is for others.... you think, you pray, you consider all angles. Much of the songwriting process happens before you pick up the pen... it is the romancing of the idea... kind of like falling in love. I court a song, long before it gets written. There is a song on this upcoming record (Beautiful Bird) that I spent 8 years writing. It was a hard song to write because it was so special and I wanted it to be perfect. It's called Most of All. In another way, the hardest songs to write, are the songs that you try to rush or in a co-write situation, songs that you just don't connect with. I remember a few weeks ago, showing up for a co-writing session with a young ccm artist, who was in the mood to write something that I just wasn't into. That's when you earn your stripes and play tricks on your brain to try and get on board. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Keep on writing Krystal!

For more info on Cindy's music go to http://www.cindymorganmusic.com/

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speak To Me

I hate starring at a blank page. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing yet everything to say...I just can't figure out how to say it. Yet I still grab a pen and a paper and attempt to string words together that express the way I feel.

For some reason, since I was 17, I've been writing those thoughts and feelings down in song lyrics. Just lyrics, not music...so technically I can't even call them songs. I guess I could call them potential songs. Yeah, that works right? These "potential songs" have been my voice when I felt I didn't have one. They have been my way of figuring out pain and fear, and God's way of healing me and giving me hope. Most importantly I feel these lyrics have been God's way of getting through to me. How is it possible that God uses your own art to minister to you? It truly does amaze me. My relationship with God is often worked out in these "potential songs". Music, even at a young age, had a hugely profound effect on my relationship with God. Beautiful music about Jesus built a strong foundation for me as a kid. As a 17 year old it became my way of wrestling with my faith. I also started playing piano more and more. Which was not only another form of expression for me, but gave me a way of worshiping God through different things I was going through. I feel like God revealed himself to me through these simple art forms.

I was so excited when I wrote my first lyric at 17. It seemed to come so naturally, so easily. I was sure it had to be God because I am definitely not a writer. Were the lyrics I wrote at that time particularly good? Some were, a lot of them weren't. Are the lyrics I write now any good? Well I think other people would have to be the judge of that but I think they just might be. Will these "potential songs" ever become living breathing songs? Will they ever be heard by anyone?

I honestly have no idea. But I don't really think that's the point. I truly believe that God allowed me to write these lyrics so he could get through to me. So he could speak to me and have me actually listen. It gave me a way of communicating to him and worshiping him when I didn't know how to do it in any other way. It's funny that God can work through your gifts and talents to ultimately touch YOU. To speak to you. To heal you. I can honestly say that writing has been the way God has brought so much healing and wholeness into my life. A lot of lyrics that I wrote at 17 were born out of pain and fear. Still to this day songs are born out of that place. But at 17 it was mostly about the pain, now at 24, it's mostly about the healing.

Whatever gifts and talents God has given you , be faithful and obedient to let God develop them and use them. Whether you think God is going to use them on a big scale or small scale, keep writing, singing, playing, dancing, painting, sculpting, cooking....and let God bless and minister not only to others, but also to you. He will use your own art to get through to you when nothing else can. My lyrics have been the way God has spoken for me, through me, and ultimately spoken to me.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I wrote this lyric at 3 :00 one morning lying in bed... wide awake, pen and paper in hand. I didn't sleep that much that night...needless to say. When I have a pen and paper in my hand at 3 am, sleep does not happen till I finish. I was inspired to write this after thinking a lot about a specific relationship that had become a victim of time and change. My question was: how do you go from being so close to a person to becoming complete strangers? I just felt really saddened by the fact that after growing up together.... years later we didn't even know each other anymore. And it shouldn't be that way, but it was and I knew that it probably wouldn't change. Not that we hadn't tried I suppose. Which led me to my next question: who's fault was it? I really felt most at fault for it, I felt a lot of regret that I hadn't tried harder. But really it was both my fault and that persons fault. We just could never seem to meet in the middle. At times, I would put in the effort and that person wouldn't. Then they would put in the effort and I wouldn't. So we both let it happen over time. Although, maybe that's just how it goes sometimes, right? As you grow up, you change so much...you become totally different people, and no longer relate to each other. No longer have much in common. But I think that's when you start to build bridges. If the relationship is important you're going to work through and adjust to all the changes. In every relationship, you are going to have to build bridges, and rebuild bridges, and repair bridges. It takes so much work but I believe it's worth it. And I don't want to put it off till tomorrow anymore. I feel like I have for too long. And you never know when it's going to be too late to build those bridges. So make the time and build them now.


Any bridge that once existed there is long gone.We never tried to build at the same time. If you were holding the nails I would lose the hammer. Or maybe we just seem to forget where we put it. And to get to each other we'd have to swim, yet neither one of us want to get wet.

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build when I get the time."

Oh the memories, when bridges were built easily. Now their a commodity. I don't remember how or when it broke but we both got soaked. Maybe we just forgot how to build, maybe that's just how growing up feels.

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build if I get the time." But we haven't yet.

Oh across the turning tide we notice each other over the great divide. And you asked "How can I get to you?" And I replied "I wish there was a bridge connecting us two." So you look for the hammer and I look for the nails. Will we build a bridge? I guess only time will tell...

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build if I get the time." Oh will we always let the water pass us by? And let the tools rust in the meantime? And say we could never spare the time? Oh someday I don't wanna have to say we never made the time and to what once was have to say goodbye.

(C) Krystal Celeste

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dance Inspite Of The Rain

So since this is my first blog entry, I thought I'd start by posting a lyric I wrote a few years ago that's very close to my heart. Writing this lyric really felt like a release for me. The chorus of the song was inspired by a TV show I saw about funny things that go wrong at weddings. There was a story about a couple who had their reception outside in a tent. Well of course, the inevitable happens...it starts to rain. Well actually not just rain, but pour would be the operative word I suppose. All of the sudden, the tent becomes so weighed down by all the water that it starts to leak through in large amounts, soaking all the guests. To make maters worse, all of this is happening while the bride and groom are having their first dance as husband and wife. Now, you'd think that water flooding the once beautifully decorated tent, drenching all of the guests would put a damper (no pun intended) on what would otherwise be a beautiful moment. But by looking at this bride and groom you would have thought it was all sunshine and rainbows and birds singing...not a flash flood. While everything was in chaos around them and all the guests were pretty much screaming "you get the ark, we'll get the animals", this couple never took their eyes off each other for one second. They continued their dance completely and utterly focused only on each other, as if none of the chaos of the storm was going on around them. They danced. Instead of being afraid of the storm or affected by the chaos, they danced. I feel like that's what God beckons us to do. To dance with our eyes totally focused on him inspite of the crazy storms going on around us. To take these steps of faith instead of focusing on our "cripple". Instead of focusing on the pain, fear, and anger...instead of focusing on the storms and the rain leaking through, to lock eyes with him and dance. I believe that's where peace comes in, and healing comes in and finally we are free.

Dance Inspite Of The Rain

My creator, you held out your sacred hands and said "My child can I have this dance?" Slowly my crippled legs took their first wounded step and I nervously rejoined this dance.

With the rain pouring down and the wind blowing all around, the thunder is loud yet we don't hear a sound. With you I can dance in the midst of the rain. Though the tent is leaking and the water comes flooding through, I will dance inspite of the rain with my eyes focused on you.

Yeah this is peace, this is freedom from the chains that have bruised my arms. These same arms I will now throw up to the sky and twirl around and around as the rain flutters by. I do not notice the storm when I'm locked into your eyes.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh I'm Peter looking down instead of straight ahead. I'm Thomas doubting you've been resurrected from the dead. I'm the ballet dancer whose feet bled. Where is my movement in this dance? My apathetic legs have forgotten the steps. But maybe even the weakest step holds great meaning.

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(C) Krystal Celeste