Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things I Love (December List) ~

Hope everyone had a very blessed and merry Christmas! Below is a little list of some of the things that I've been loving throughout the month of December.

1. The word "Lovely" - How can you use the word "lovely" and not feel happy inside? For instance, "That dress is so lovely" sounds way better than "That dress is so pretty". Or at least I think so. Just a classy word.

2. Inspiring and artistic blogs - When I need inspiration and something to spark my creativity, these are the blogs I go to:

A Beautiful Mess -

Bleubird Vintage -

Everyday Musings -

Cupcakes, Sprinkles, and Other Happy Things -

3. Wearing my Grandma's pearls - I love the pearl necklace my Grandma gave me years ago. My Grandma is still alive but at almost 90 years old, her health is in a very fragile state and she's not the same as she used to be. I wore this necklace for the first time this Thanksgiving to honor her and all that she used to do, but is not able to do anymore, at this time of year. And I felt so proud to have her pearls around my neck.

4. Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas music - I love the jazzy and classy sound of Ella Fitzgerald, and I fell in love with the magical way she sings Christmas classics such as "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow".

5. Hot Chocolate - Being the crazy chocolate lover that I am, I suppose it make sence that a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate is one my favorite drinks, especially at this time of year. I ordered this hot chocolate from the coffee shop in my town. Every year I say I'm going to make a recipe I found for hot chocolate that's made with a chocolate ganache base. It sounds so good and is supposed to be really rich and creamy. Hopefully I'll finally make it before winter is over.

6. Our Christmas Tree - This is a picture of our living room a couple days before Christmas. Can't believe Christmas is over, I'm not ready to take our pretty tree down yet.

7. Cupcake Ornament - My sister and I are a little obsessed with all things cupcake, so our cousin bought us this adorable cupcake ornament to hang on our tree. We kinda love it. :)

8. Scarfs - Never really wore scarfs very much, but for some reason, I'm really loving them this winter.

9. "Wishing For This" by Leigh Nash -This beautiful song has become one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. The honesty of the lyrics is what drew me to it:

"Drop your hands into this heart of mine, oh how it needs lifted. I wanna forgive and I need to be forgiven. I wanna let live and I need to do some livin'. I wanna find a light this Christmas night with you".

10. Coffee Cozy from - I really didn't know that people made such things as "coffee cozys"... that is until I stumbled upon them on (my new favorite online store). I really don't know if I would ever use a coffee cozy but it's just so cute it makes me want to buy 5 of them to keep on hand in my purse...and if I see anyone with coffee in hand, I would offer them one...then they'd look at me like I was a freak and walk away scared. :)

11. "No Christmas For Me" by Zee Avi - A cute acoustic Christmas song by a new and somewhat unknown artist from Malaysia. I heard this song on Sirius radio and fell in love with it. The song is featured on a Christmas compilation cd entitled "This Warm December - A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1". New artist Zee Avi's music is worth checking out.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Just Wondering

I wrote this lyric about 3 years ago, but somehow, it feels really appropriate for this season of life. This is a lyric about the relationships in our lives that seem to change and disconnect almost overnight. One day you're close to someone and then, what feels like the next day, you find that you've grown apart. And somehow, there's now a distance that seems impossible to cross. An invisible chasm keeping you from getting to that person.

People change and go in different directions, and when this happens, it leaves you wondering. Wondering if that connection was so important to both of you, why didn't you do more to protect it? It leaves you wondering if it can be saved and if that bridge can be crossed. Wondering if it's worth it.

Just Wondering

Hello, how's your day been? Haven't talked for a while so I was just wondering. So much has changed, and pictures only tell of what was back in the day. Growing up isn't as easy as we hoped it would be. Or as familiar as our small town's streets. As our lives stretch in different ways will this connection disintegrate or sustain?

So I'm just wondering, how deep do the waters run? So I'm just wondering, how far is the valley from the sun? I miss you but I can't figure out how to get to you. So I'm just wondering, do you even want me to?

Oh I just want to be real with you. So much superficial mud to get through. No, I wouldn't lie but I'm just having trouble telling you what I think you should hear tonight.

(Repeat chorus)

No more fake, no more phony, just honesty. Don't wanna lose this closeness. It's slipping through our fingers so fast, faster than sand in an hour glass. And soon the waves will crash and the clocks second hand will pass. Soon it could all be over, all in the past. Oh friend, I'm afraid of that.

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Hello, how's your day been? You haven't asked me for a while. Are you even wondering?

(C) Krystal Celeste