Thursday, October 31, 2013

How I Almost Lived In The Interplanetary Capitol of the Universe

Okay, so since today is Halloween I thought it was the perfect time to share a weird true story with you guys that involves aliens and a small town. It is Halloween after all. ;)

This story is actually about the tiny coastal Texas town I live in called, Palacios. A town I have lived in all my life and am just about getting ready to leave in a couple months. So no better time to tell this odd story and dedicate this post to “the city by the sea”, as we are called. I actually stumbled onto it online some years back and was a little stunned. Those who live here or who have lived here may already know it.

In October of 1973 the Mayor of Palacios, W.C. Jackson, decided to invite extraterrestrials to our lovely little city by the sea. Saying, and I quote, “No one has ever made those fellas welcome”. Such southern hospitality, right? In fact, he was so intent on making sure they felt welcomed that he actually sent a letter to President Nixon asking for him to grant the permission to proclaim the City of Palacios as the “Interplanetary Capitol of the Universe”. Yep, I kid you not.

keep calm

Well as you can probably guess, Nixon denied Mayor Jackson’s request. A letter was sent back to the Mayor stating that “it would not be in accord with Presidential policy".

And so that’s how I almost lived in the “Interplanetary Capitol of the Universe”.

Why did Mayor Jackson feel so strongly about this, you ask? Did he have a “close encounter of the third kind”? Was he an extraterrestrial himself? Or is there just something in the water here that slowly makes you go crazy (would explain a lot)? I don’t know. These are all good questions. What I do know is that… the truth is out there.


Happy Halloween, lovelies! :D

(story sources: here & here. Picture sources: here & here.)

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