Friday, November 27, 2009

November Music & Book List

Being the music and book freak that I am, I thought I would start a blog highlighting a list of what I'm listening to and reading each month. So here is my list for the month of November...


Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot -

I listened to this whole cd in one sitting and fell in love. If you've read my review below of Switchfoot's 7th studio album "Hello Hurricane", then I suppose it's no secret that I am a bit head over heels with this beautiful collection of songs. I pre-ordered this cd and received it in the mail 4 days before its November 10th release date, and it didn't take long for it to cement itself into my cd collection and into my heart. "Hello Hurricane" was my musical highlight of November and possibly the year.

Beautiful History by Plumb -
Plumb, aka Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, has been one of my very favorite artists since I heard "Sobering" back 1998. Now, in 2009, she has released her official hits collection entitled "Beautiful History". Updated fan favorites and two new songs makes this a must have for any Plumb fan. Since I bought this cd I haven't stopped listening to "Here With Me (2010)" and new song "Beautiful History". Beautiful history indeed! This collection is the perfect way to rediscover the music of such a creative and wonderfully unique artist.

25th Birthday Mix Cd -

I celebrated my 25th birthday a few weeks ago on November 5th. I didn't set out to make "a birthday mix" per se, I was actually just making a mix cd to listen to in the car for a little birthday trip I was taking the next day, but it soon became a bit more than that. The songs I ended up choosing started to create a mix that seemed to sum up my birthday and my year. Some of the songs I included are:

Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser
Motion by Plumb
Let's Dance by Hawk Nelson
Daylight by Remedy Drive
Amazing Because It Is by The Almost
Unbreakable by Fireflight
November by Tristan Prettyman
Less Like Scars by Sara Groves
Grace by Phil Whickham
Tme by Chantal Kreviazuk
Boston by Augustana
The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
Blessed by Brett Dennen
Deciphering Me by Brooke Fraser
In Your Hands by Krystal Meyers
Pray For Me by Plumb
River God by Nichole Nordeman
Twenty Four by Switchfoot


The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg -

I found this book in the discount section of the Christian bookstore I frequent. My sister bought it but it's been in my hands for the last month or so. This book to me is such a gem. Margaret shares very honestly and articulately about the experiences that have made Jesus real in her life. The ways He has shown himself to be real, faithful, and true in her everyday life, and how we can experience that same power. I have truly learned so much from this book.

Pure by Rebecca St. James -

Christian artist/author Rebecca St. James has always been known for her bold and outspoken stance on purity. I grew up listening to Rebecca and being inspired by her message. Still to this day, I look up to her as a good example of what a Godly woman should strive to be in this day and age. Over the years I have learned a lot from the wisdom she has shared. I recently purchased her book "Pure - A 90 Day Devotional for the Mind, Body, and Spirit." I love how in this book Rebecca takes her message of sexual purity and expands it to encompass all areas our lives that need purification. It's a very easy read with each devotion being only a page or two long. Rebecca shares her personal stories as well as scripture and talks about how we can apply it to our lives. I'm only on day 43 right now, but I already feel like I'm learning so much more about what it means to live a pure life before God.

Relevant Magazine with Jon Foreman on the cover (Nov/Dec 09) -

I love Relevant magazine and used to subscribe, but since my subscription ran out I haven't been able to get it renewed again. Recently at Hastings I found the Nov/Dec. issue with Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) on the cover. I was really excited and somewhat surprised that they had it seeing as how I can never find it anywhere. If you're a Switchfoot or Jon Foreman fan you will love this issue. The interview they did with Jon is so good. He talks in depth about their new cd "Hello Hurricane", and what has been going on in their lives these past couple years. Definitely an issue that is not to be missed.

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