Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Baking & Cooking Music Playlist

Besides writing, baking and cooking are my favorite ways to pass the time. I love putting some good music on in the kitchen and baking brownies or cooking a delish pasta dish or Mexican food. I just find it to be very relaxing and creative. I would often bake a pan of fudge brownies and then sit down to write lyrics. I would later let my sister (who is my go to gal when I need opinions on my writing) read my lyrics and she would laugh because there always seemed to be frosting smudges on the paper. She would say that my papers always had ink and frosting on them...thus the name for my blog lol. Recently I made me a cd of songs to listen to in the kitchen and I thought I would share it with you guys, along with a little list of dishes I've been wanting to make. I would love to hear what your favorite things to bake and cook are. Do you listen to music in the kitchen? If so, what songs? Hope you enjoy! :)

Baking & Cooking Music Playlist:

1. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson
2. The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
3. Blessed by Brett Dennen
4. Hot Cookin' by G. Love
5. The Story by Tristan Prettyman
6. Tom's Diner by Suzzane Vega
7. Musicbox by Regina Spektor
8. Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton
9. 1,2,3,4 by Fiest
10. Sugartown by Nancy Sinatra
11. The Joint by Mindi Abair
12. Platanitos by Switchfoot (Mexico)
13. Know Your Onion by The Shins
14. Death By Chocolate by Sia
15. It's Alright by Komeda
16. The Devil Is Bad by The W's
17. Underwater by Switchfoot
18. Tea And Sympathy by Jars Of Clay
19. Shoefly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy by Stan Kenton & June Christy
20. Just For Now by Imogen Heap
21. So We Never Got To Paris by Out Of The Grey
22. Let's Dance by Hawk Nelson
23. Country Gentlemen by Family Force 5

To Cook ~

1.Chicken Piccata
2.Chicken Marsala

To Bake ~
1.Creme Brulee
2.Chocolate Souffle
4.Homemade Bread

To Perfect ~
2.Flourless Chocolate Cake


  1. I listen to music in every room of the house! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Can't wait to check out some of the tracks on this list I don't know. Have a great week!

  2. this is so yummy! I love this post!
    and how you got your name ink and frosting ;)
    I love Indian food lately! ;) it's my comfort ..
    I really have not listened to music in the kitchen, I might if the lounge area was right on the other side. Usually the music is in my bunny's room and he's jammin to it while he's munching on his hay ;).. but I do love the sound of what you shared! ;) thanks!

  3. Iva: Thanks for the comment! Chicken Marsala is one of my favorite dishes to order at Italian resturants, so I've been wanting to attempt to make it at home. :)

    Mary: Me too lol! Whether I'm cooking, cleaning, or just reading, some good music must be on in the background. You should definitely check out some of the tracks! I think you'll enjoy 'em. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. I really enjoy reading yours! :)

    Jenn: Aww thanks Jenn! I'm glad you enjoyed reading! :) I've never tried Indian food before. I tend to be a little picky. But I am curious what it tastes like. You should definitely try listening to music in the kitchen sometime, it makes cooking or cleaning way more enjoyable. :)