Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Wish Beautiful For You

You come to me frustratingly lamenting what you've been missing. Exciting and new, a beautifully unfamiliar tune is what you need. You just need to feel free, to feel alive, you just need to breathe. You want to know what it means to dive so deep. Oh don't be afraid to desire. I feel this longing too. So even if you can't believe, this is what I will recklessly hope for you...

I wish beautiful for you. I wish beautiful for you. A twinkle in your eye, someone to share every laugh and cry. I wish beautiful for you. I wish beautiful for you. For love to fill your senses, to experience all that's wonderful and true. I wish, I wish beautiful for you.

You deserve a starry sky always hovering a above. No, never ever settle for a secondary love. Twirl in the prettiest white dress. Let the lights in the city steal away your breath. Walk through every open door. Dance and laugh till just can't dance anymore. Oh and when you can't see what beauty lies just over the horizon, you can always count on me...

(Repeat Chorus)

Hope will abound and joy will be found in the most unexpected places and times. Peace in uncertainty will always flood your mind. Oh don't be afraid to desire. I feel this longing too. So it doesn't matter if you can't believe, you can count on me, I will always be recklessly hoping...

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

(C) Krystal Celeste


  1. gosh, girl! that is an AWARD_WINNInG sonG! I connected so deeply and personally with this!
    hugs, Jenn
    p.s. and the photo is a perfect match!
    I can tell your journey is going uphill now! big luv!! :D

  2. hey do you want to be my 4th guest blogger. you can do one on your passion of music.. and how it adds quality and value to our life... probably September would be your month.. think on it! hugs, Jenn

  3. I just promoted for you as the famous lyrics producer on fb ;) do you have an fb? sending them back here.. this is really awesome.. I love the quality and the depth showing through, I think I just felt a shift. I always enjoyed your lyrics but this is a whole new level of GREAT!!! so excited for you!! doors will open!

  4. Wow Jenn thank you so much!! I so appreciate your encouragement! :) So glad you could connect with it. And yes, I think the journey is going uphill.

    Yes!!! I would love to be a guest blogger! That sounds awesome. September would be great! Let me know exactly when in Sept. you need it. Thanks for asking me! :)

    And thanks for the promotion lol! It's funny that you mentioned facebook, cause I just made me one. I held off on getting one for so long but finally caved and made me one just the other night. Look me up, it should be under krystal celeste rodriguez.

    And thanks again for all the kind and encouranging words. Your support means a lot! :)

  5. Great, I will add you in.. :) fb and also for the guest post,.. looks like yours will be September range. (I am going to try to do one a month) :) that way it is not stressful and has a good flow! big luv,.. great great lyrics! Keep on writing.. your gift is so needed in this world for best songs!!! hugs, Jenn

  6. You are my inspiration, you know that right? This makes me cry really good tears. I see you heart,and my heart, in this song :)

    - Your baby sis

  7. Aww, thank yous!!! You're my inspiration too. I'm glad you're my sis and best friend. Your encouragement is priceless to me. :)

    - Your big sis

  8. It is awesome that you want to use this gift . . I wish you success ! very beautiful indeed - I see pictures, as I read this . .

  9. Aww, thanks so much for the kind words! Much appreciated. :)