Friday, August 13, 2010

*4 Simple Goals*


One of my very favorite bloggers is the wonderfully creative Elsie Flannigan of the lovely blog, A Beautiful Mess.  Elsie has challenged everyone to join her in making a list of 4 Small Goals to complete before the end of the year that will enrich your everyday life. So I felt inspired and decided to make a list of my own!

1. Write at least one page in my journal each day. Since I started blogging I feel like my journal probably has abandonment issues. I used to journal incessantly, and have collected tons of journals over the years. But now even when I write my lyrics or poems, I usually do it on my computer. I miss putting pen to page.

2. Try to cut some of the junk out of my diet…which is hard for me since I’m a serial baker. So that means I need to find new, healthier recipes to try my hand at. Cook/bake at least one new recipe a week.

3. Start taking an evening walk at the bay in my town. My town is really tiny and we don’t have much, but we do have a really pretty bay that has a long side walk. My mom, sister, & I were faithfully going for walks every evening but just got out of the habit. It’s a perfect way to get some exercise, de-stress by the lovely scenery, and talk to two of my favorite people. 

4. Start practicing guitar & piano again. Try to re-learn the things I’ve forgotten. I miss spending the afternoon just playing the piano, coming up with melodies all my own. I miss strumming my pink guitar. I used to practice all the time but have been remiss lately. I really want to set aside some time each day just to practice and get lost in the joy of playing music all over again. 

So there’s my little list of goals! I’m excited to get started! Head on over to Elsie’s blog for some goal making inspiration. <3


  1. i love all of your goals! the guitar and piano is probably my favorite because everything you said is exactly me, including the pink guitar :) maybe one day I'll start playing again too.
    i wish you luck on all of your goals!

  2. Oh, I love these Krystal, I can feel you gushing love .. and passion! ;) xx

    And you have a pink guitar??! how sweet is that>?! ;) I just love what you shared and I believe that you can do this!!! {{{big magical wishes and hugs}}}

    I wrote my 4 down also..

    1. to {align with our Beloved source} and create a home for my soul. (extreme self-care, or conscious soul development.. as someone once said you cannot care for your body without caring for your soul.. to do this daily)

    2. to invite others to join me in this immersion of love and passionate adventure.
    (journaling, sharing from the heart and growing with a divine sisterhood.)

    3. to sing my life song. (right now this means journaling out loud, scary thought, but I am doing it..for my next project.)

    4. to bring nourishment of the feminine soul into our world (embracing the sacred feminine and allowing my heart to heal from its wounds so I can be a chalice brimming pure love for others through the most sacred door I know.)

    my new goal: I am working on secretly behind the scenes as of today! This post you made and the post I did today on my site, also helped me to take another few baby steps faith!
    my ultimate desire right now is:
    *serving brides, women who wish to align with their heart's passions, and honoring those in our military who serve our great country.

    Thank you Krystal, that I could share in this magical post today! :) xx Jenn

  3. Claire: Hey, thanks so much for reading and commenting! That's so cool that you have a pink guitar too!! You'd think that with such cute guitars we'd be more inspired to practice, huh? ;) lol Thanks for the goal encouragement! Let me know if you start strumming your pink guitar again too! :)

    Jenn: Thank you for the comment and enouragement, Jenn! So glad you enjoyed reading 'em. :) And yes, I do have a pink guitar!! It was a Christmas gift from my parents and sister a few years ago. It's probably the best gift I've ever recieved. So hopefully I can put it to good use again.

    I love that you shared your goals as well! They're all so lovely! I especially love #4, that idea is just so inspiring to me. Also, I couldn't agree more with #1. Self care is so important so we can better care for those around us. Can't wait to hear more about your new goal, I know men and woman in service are very close to your heart. I'm sure you can share beautifully on that topic.

    Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement, Jenn! :)

  4. good luck with everything on your list! sounds great!

  5. Thanks Jessica! I appreciate the encouragement! :)