Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beauty Only God Can Give

I desire beauty.

Something this world can’t offer me.

I don’t want what they have.

I don’t want it like they got it.

I want something different.

I want something more.

I’m holding out for something deeper than I’ve ever seen or known before.

I want a light in me shining so brightly that it’s contagious to all those around me.

I want to radiate His love – want it to burn in my eyes and in my smile.

I want to pursue the purpose and calling He has for me.

Let Him fulfill all my hearts desires and dreams.

I want to really live …

Live the beauty only God can give.

© Krystal Celeste


  1. I love this! Absolutely beautiful! Your way with words always amazes me :)

    ~Your lil sista

  2. Beautiful, Krystal! Your heart is ready to overflow.... it already is as I share in these moments with you! You are certainly going deep into the heart: the wellspring of life.
    I agree that I also desire beauty, and finally I see it as an essential part of every new day! hugs to you for a beautiful week! luv Jenn

  3. I love this, so pretty. Good job lady!

  4. Aww, thank you Jenn! I so appreciate your encouragement and feedback! And it's so true, beauty is an essential part of everyday life. :)

  5. Thanks for the comment, JMay!! I so appreciate the kind words! :)