Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love Under Your Conditions

I wrote this lyric a few years ago when thinking about how conditional our love tends to be. At times if someone doesn’t talk, act, think, dress, ect. the way we think they should we choose not to be loving towards them. We often want them to conform to our idea of who and what they should be before we decide to love and care for them. Whoever doesn’t meet our very long list of specifications we tend to dismiss. But nobody should have to conform and be someone they aren’t just to be loved and accepted. You should never have to settle for anything but unconditional love. I really want to strive to love the people in my life unconditionally; just for who they are. Thankfully there is someone who loves us right even when we get it wrong; a God in heaven who’s love knows no condition.

Love Under Your Conditions

Good enough? Good enough? When is it ever good enough? I thought love was supposed to be unconditional. That's how I've always loved you. But your love's kept me in a vice, now I'm trapped. But these chains will not suffice. I need your love but I need you to love me right.

I shouldn't have to fight for your attention. I shouldn't have to win your affection. I shouldn't have to fit your specifications, or pass your inspections. And I shouldn't be loved only under your conditions.

Enough! Enough! When is enough enough? I can't live off your good intentions. The control you call love is choking out my soul. I can't keep fighting a losing game. Can't keep wondering if I fail to meet your expectations will your love still remain.

{Repeat Chorus}

Needing someone who will love me for me; no guidelines just unconditionally. We see love so differently. You see it as a power struggle to be won, I see it as sweet surrender. Not interested in fighting a battle, don't care to win a war. Even if one of us won in the end we both really lose; do we even know what we're fighting for?

{Repeat Chorus 2x}

© Krystal Celeste


  1. Krystal, I really like this topic you brought up ;)
    this line is so captivating for me: You should never have to settle for anything but unconditional love. wow! ~~and this one,
    I really want to strive to love the people in my life unconditionally; just for who they are.
    I think that is huge! I think most of my life I haven't known how to love unconditionally since there are few examples many times. I also struggle with being consistent in my love which is probably the same thing. Prob linked to my own insecurities. It's always easier to self-sabotage before someone leaves us right?

    anyway, I am glad I stopped by your site this evening. It is nice to enjoy your lovely page again! ~Hugs, luv Jenn

  2. Hey Jenn! Thanks so much for reading! :) So glad you could relate to it!

    I think it is such a struggle to not only love unconditionally, but like you said, to be consistent in that love. I know for me it is something I want so much to be able to follow in the only perfect example of this kind of love, Jesus. But so often I find myself letting things get in the way of living it out....insecurities probably are the biggest factor. It's true that we do tend to sabotage relationships out of insecurities, maybe feeling that we're just not worth that type of love.

    In this day and age the idea of unconditional love seems somewhat like a foreign concept. I have seen first hand the effects that conditional love has on relationships and it has made me want to learn how to truly love without condition even more.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Jenn, it was so nice to see your comment! Hope you are having a lovely weekend! :)

  3. Great, great song Krystal! You really drove the point home. I think everyone has felt that way before: not good enough to be loved (or even liked) by someone else. But, as you mentioned in the beginning of your post, we also need to look at how WE are loving other people. Are we loving them unconditionally or are we putting unnecessary and unrealistic expectations on them?

    One thing I like to do for myself is make sure that I am being "loveable" and being the best person I can be. That's not to say I change my outward appearance or personality, but are my attitudes, words, or actions making it easy to love me or kind of hard? Obviously, not everyone will do the same and check their actions, but we must try our hardest to show love anyway.

    Thanks for the good discussion!

  4. Hey Amanda! Thank you! So glad you stopped by! :)

    That's a really great point, we definitely need to make sure we're being a loveable person. I think it's good for us to ask ourselves, like you said, if we're being the best person we can be, to examine how we're loving others, and if we're acting in ways that will draw love towards us. Some people make it really hard to love them... I suppose we can all be hard to love at times. We can do this by just focusing on ourselves - what we need and want, putting up walls to keep people out, ect. But I think striving to be a loveable person is the best place to start in learning how to love well. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)