Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Encouraging Video from Joel of For King & Country

This is a video that did my heart so good to see and I wanted to share it with you guys! I’ve mentioned before how I’m a huge fan of Joel & Luke, or as they are now called, For King and Country (known them as J&L for too long & can’t get used to the new name). For those who don’t know, Joel & Luke are the brothers of CCM veteran, Rebecca St. James, who I listened to faithfully growing up. These guys also share Rebecca’s bold message of purity and often speak about it themselves from the stage.

This is a video of Joel speaking right after Rebecca sang her signature song about purity, “Wait For Me”. Joel takes a minute to speak, specifically to the men, on standing up for purity and treating women the way they should be treated. He also talks to the ladies about not settling for any man that doesn’t treat them with honor.

I was so touched by his words. It did my heart so good to hear this brother in Christ talk about this subject; standing for purity and living God’s way. It’s so rare now a days. Praise God that there are still Godly men out there that are striving to live God’s way and that are also encouraging other men to do the same. I also so appreciate his message to us women to never settle for someone who doesn’t treat us right. We need to hear this message from Godly men. We need them to stand up and speak into our lives this way.

This is the video of Joel speaking and then singing the song “Light It Up” with his big sis, Rebecca. The sound quality isn’t that great so I typed out Joel’s message below the video. Forgive me if I missed something as it was a little hard to hear. Hope you guys and gals are blessed by it as well. :)

"Men I want to encourage us, on the heels of Rebecca's last song, which is really talking about purity; and saying, wait for me, and let's stand up and step up. I mean this is what the heartbeat of that song is saying. And what I want to say to particularly us men here today is, guys, let's step up, stand up, be men of honor and integrity, and treat women the way they deserve to be treated. Cause guys, it starts with us, it starts with us. Like Rebecca mentioned, we got to see our little brother and his lovely new bride get married two weeks ago. And man, it wouldn't have mattered if the stage had fallen, as long as no one got hurt, but the heart and spirit of the wedding was so beautiful, because it was right, and because he stepped up, cause she's a wonderful girl.

And quickly too, I want to say to you ladies here today, don't settle for second best. Don't settle for any guy that's going to treat you without honor, and dignity, and respect; because under God you are princesses and you deserve to be treated like such."


  1. It is GREAT to know there are still Strong Christian guys out there... I would love to meet Joel & Luke some day just to tell them THANK YOU thank you for making a difference in this world and for being a Godly example in a borken world.. as a single gal its hard to feel encouraged that Guys really are out there that care and will respect a lady! God Bless you guys and I hope some day to meet you, if not on this earth then in heaven some day! I am going to be at their nov 11th concert in Port Huron Mi... but will be working the Compassion booth in the back so not sure I will get a chance to see the! But its worth it to help those kids! And I am sure I will hear the music ring through the building! :-) Thanks for sharing Krystal! Blessings, Amanda

    1. Hey Amanda, thanks for the comment! Yes, it's so encouraging to know that there are still guys like that out there. They are truly blessing people with their music as well as their message. I hope you get a chance to say hi to guys after the show! Thanks for stopping by! :)