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In light of Easter weekend I thought I’d repost a blog and poem I wrote a couple years ago for my other blog, The Waking. Hope you guys enjoy and are reminded of the amazing sacrifice our Savior made for us. Happy Easter, friends! :)

I feel like I’ve been a little more reflective this year of the sacrifice that Jesus made for me … for us. It’s amazing to think that the sinless, blameless Son of God would take my sin and shame on himself.

I think of my life thus far, all of 26 years, and I can’t help but think of all that has been forgiven. I look ahead and I’m sure there will be many more things that need to be forgiven. I think of the times that I’ve asked for forgiveness and still felt guilty… so I would ask again, and again. As if He couldn’t or didn’t hear me the first time. There have just been times I haven’t trusted his forgiveness enough to forgive myself. But he paid it all. My debt has been paid in full and there is nothing I did or could ever do to deserve it. It’s a gift Jesus offers with open arms and all I have to do is accept it and trust in it.

The miracle of the cross is that Jesus not only died so we could be forgiven of our sins, but that we could also turn from them and be transformed. His grace is not there to excuse our sin but to save and free us from it. I didn’t mean to ramble on this much… I just feel thankful.
This Easter I hope you reflect on all Jesus has done for you, I pray that you accept and trust in the gift of salvation. I pray that you experience the fullness of salvation that was purchased for you on the cross.
You’ve grown me up. Sculpted my skin, skin that still has the imprint of your hand. I am uniquely yours.
And for a time I breathed nothing in but you. For a time in my life beauty was about to begin. But I caved in, into my own sin. It was then that there was a new imprint on my skin. One that was uniquely mine.
But the blood that was shed to wash away my sin, the iniquity of all men. The life that was taken so I could be born again. Thorns on your head, nails in your hands left an imprint of my sin on your holy skin. Son of God, son of man the imprint of the nails on your hands has brought me back to life again.

Songs For Easter Reflection:

A Drop of Blood by The Ember Days
I Wonder by Tara Leigh Cobble
Revenge by Jon Foreman
Why by Nichole Nordeman
The Beginning by Showbread (Nervosa album)

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