Thursday, March 17, 2016

Road Trip Playlist

Hey lovelies! With Summer quickly approaching it's the perfect time to start planning out a road trip and get ready to make some awesome memories with your friends and family!

Some of my favorite road trips have been traveling to awesome concerts with my sister and cousin. Chatting and listening to music the whole way. If you know anything about the three of us you know that we love music... and cupcakes. So we would often times try to find the best cupcakes in every city we traveled to lol. And in case you're wondering, in Dallas that means Society Bakery, in Austin it means Hey Cupcake or Sugar Mama's Bake Shop. But anyway, cupcakes are totally beside the point, ahem. ;)

And if you're thinking of transportation for your road trip might I suggest renting a car from Turo. Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental company. You can rent from local car renters at your specific destination and also put your car up for rent. Pretty cool concept, I think! And if you happen to forget your tunes for the road, no need to worry, as people often leave their own road trip playlist behind for the next renter!

To get more info and rent from Turo click here!

What is a road trip without some good tunes, right? Below are some of my favorite road trips jams! Hope you enjoy listening and have fun on your next adventure!

(Was having a little trouble embedding the Spotify player so if it's not working just click here to listen!)

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