Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Music & Book List…

Hey friends, I thought I’d make a little list of what I’ve been listening to and reading this month. Hope you enjoy! :) 


“For Those Who Wait” by Fireflight 


When you’re fighting to believe in a love that you can’t see, just know there is a purpose for those who wait.”

I love this cd! It hasn’t left my cd player since I bought it a couple weeks ago. “For Those Who Wait” is an album full of passionate rock songs, and powerful lyrics carried by lead singer, Dawn Richardson’s soaring vocals. The musicianship of the band even feels tighter this time around. Some of my favorites are “Core of My Addiction”, “Fire In My Eyes”, “Recovery Begins”, and title track “For Those Who Wait”. Fireflight is one of my favorite bands, they are as amazing on their cds as they are live in concert. Be sure to go out and get this album!

“Finger Painting” EP by The Ember Days 


This is the new EP by rock/worship band, The Ember Days. I saw The Ember Days open for Showbread back in 2008 and just fell in love with their music. This album is primarily an instrumental, only two songs contain lyrics. But these songs feel very worshipful and peaceful. I actually plan on posting a more in depth review of these beautifully intriguing songs, so be looking out for that! Some of my favorites are “It Is Well”, “Rest”, and “Hope”. You can purchase “Finger Painting” EP or download it for free @


“Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell

velvet elvis

Though I haven’t finished reading this book yet, I already feel like I’ve learned so much from it, and have really been inspired by the thoughts of author, Rob Bell. So much so that it even inspired the blog I posted below (The Few That Pursue Wholeness). “Velvet Elvis” actually came out in 2005, but I just barely purchased it a couple weeks ago. Even though I came into it five years late … I’m so glad I finally picked it up. It’s a thought provoking read about the Christian faith that will challenge your roots to go deeper.

“The Organic God” by Margaret Feinberg


It’s funny, I think this book was on a previous reading list I posted last year. I actually started reading “The Organic God” by author, Margaret Feinberg, around this time last year, but got distracted from finishing it. Maybe that’s a good thing in a way because when I picked up again in early September, I found that it spoke to my heart in an even stronger way than it did a year ago. I’m planning on posting a blog soon about my thoughts on this book because it just truly inspired me.

So that’s what I’ve been listening to and reading as of late! Hope you will check out these great cds and books, you won’t regret it! Would love to hear what cds and books you guys have been into lately so drop me a note! :)


  1. Krystal,

    Thrilled you enjoyed the book--looking forward to reading your blog post!

    Best, Margaret

  2. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Margaret! I apperciate it! And yes, I so enjoyed the book. Hope you'll read my thoughts on it in the blog I post soon. Thanks again for stopping by! :)

  3. great list-I need to check these out! xo.

  4. Thanks Emma, hope you will check 'em out sometime! Thanks for reading! I love your blog by the way :) ...