Monday, March 19, 2012

Feature on the band, Icon For Hire


New Tooth & Nail band, Icon For Hire, has recently stolen my heart with their head-banging worthy rock riffs and bold, honest lyrics. Seriously, I think I’m hooked! For one thing, I’m always in support of female fronted rock acts because I feel like they are so few and far between; and then when they make music that isn’t afraid to speak some truth, now that’s a band I can get behind. And that description totally sums up these Illinois natives, Ariel (vocals), Shawn Jump (guitar),  Josh Kincheloe (bass), and Adam Kronshagen (drums).

I had heard their first single “Make A Move” and really liked it; but it was a music video I saw late one night when I was watching TVU that really caught my attention. It was for a song, called “Get Well”, which is their newest single off their debut album “Scripted”.


I found this song so impactful with it’s honest & vulnerable lyrics about not wanting to stay in a place of depression and pity parties; but instead making the decision to heal and move on.

“I meant it when I said I wanna get well, I wanna get well. Are the rest of you so content stay where you are but it hurts like hell? And I'm sure it's fun at first, test your pulse and check your vitals. If it's only a game you lost me. I quit it with the suicidal recital.”

The message of this song totally got to my heart and I feel like it’s something we all need to hear and be reminded of. It’s easy to get into a place of being comfortable in your pain.. accepting that’s just how it is. Sometimes even romanticizing the pain instead of trying to overcome it. Over time, you learn to cope but never seek healing. And coping and healing are not the same thing.

In an interview with New Release Tuesday, Ariel said she wrote it as a wakeup call to herself after realizing that all her and her friends from high school had in common anymore was how much they used to hate life. She talked about how they would get together when they were younger and talk about how bad everything was; and she was finally ready to move beyond that, “So, it’s kind of me saying, “Let’s grow up.” I want to be healthy. I want to be happy.”

Ariel’s strong rock vocals and the band’s tight musicianship make the song that much more hard hitting. It’s a song with a message and Icon for Hire is definitely a band with a message. Do yourself a favor and check out their music! :)

And one last thing I would be totally remiss not mention is that in addition to lead singer duties; Ariel also has an awesome Etsy shop wear she sells her handmade tutus, wrist cuffs, ect. Actually, she takes her sewing machine on the road with her, sets up shop at their merch table, and sews the tutus right on sight! How awesome is that? I personally love her style, the whole band’s style actually (c’mon how awesome is Shawn’s mohawk?), so if you want some rockin’ fashion, check Ariel’s shop! :)

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