Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feature on the duo, Jenny & Tyler


Seems impossible to hear the music of Jenny and Tyler Somers and not be instantly drawn in by their beautiful harmonies and meaningful songs. While these two have been around for a while now, I just recently found their lovely tunes, and they have quickly become one of my favorite new musical discoveries.

This folk-rock husband and wife duo started making beautiful music together when they met in the fall of 2004 at the University of Delaware. A random meeting on a bus to church eventually led them to leading worship together and spending their down time playing and writing songs. Obviously making a great team on and off stage, the two were soon married and pursuing music full time in Nashville.

Their first album, “A Prelude” released in 2007, but it was a song off their 2010 release, “Faint Not”, that instantly captured my heart. I stumbled upon the captivating “Song For You” one night a few months ago and was brought to tears by the beautiful lyrics. Yes, I may be a little emotional but a good song with meaning just never ceases to get to me. With their soaring harmonies, acoustic guitars, and layers of piano in the background; the song expresses God’s relentless pursuit after our hearts, “I have done for you everything, my love. Hear my song for you. I will not hold my tongue. Open your heart for I have loved you from the start.”  I love how they sing these lyrics with so much feeling and passion, you can tell they really believe what they’re singing about. Not only is this song such a stand out gem but the music video is equally as beautiful and moving. The actress in the video is actually Jenny’s sister, who did a great job at bringing this song to life.

Other songs you should check out are the thoughtful “Faint Not”, which probably has one of my favorite lyrics they’ve written, “Where there is hatred, let me sow love. Where there is injury, let me pardon. Where there is darkness, let the Light come”. And we can’t forget the quirky “One Eyed Cat”. Yes, you read that right (if you weren’t sold on this duo’s music yet I hope that title just did it for you ;)) It’s a cute and funny ode to their relationship and the little sacrifices they’ve made for each other… including Jenny giving up her one eyed cat. The beginning of the song has Tyler singing, “You gave up your one eyed cat, still makes you sad, but I’m allergic.” This tune is sure to make you smile.

In January their song, “As Long as Our Hearts are Beating”, garnered some attention when it was featured on an episode of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”. An unexpected placement that has allowed for a wider audience to discover their music. Hopefully this is just the beginning of people sitting up and taking notice of all beauty that this duo’s songs have to offer.

It’s always so interesting to see two musicians who make even more beautiful music together than they could own their own. While both individuals are so talented, together, Jenny and Tyler create something so special, music that takes you on their journey with them. To quote Jenny, “If it weren’t for Tyler, I’d probably be writing cheesy country songs and he’d be a virtual Jack Johnson impersonator.”

To hear Jenny & Tyler’s music you can go to their Facebook (link below) and download a free live album or you can head on over to NoiseTrade and download the whole “Faint Not” album plus three new tacks. They have also recorded a song called, “The Sound of Silence” to benefit the International Justice Mission, which combats modern day slavery. To find out how to purchase that song and more go to their website. And be on the look out for their new album. “Open Your Doors” to be released on April 3rd.

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