Saturday, June 2, 2012

D.I.Y. Cake Stands


Maybe it’s the fact that I’m an obsessed baker or because this is a really fun, easy, and low cost project to make; either way I’ve been making quite a few of these D.I.Y. Cake Stands. Um, if you don’t believe me, just come look at my kitchen… I’m running out of places to put them lol.

When my sister was visiting a couple months ago, there were a few craft projects we planned to do together and this was one of them. Neither of us had ever made one before and we were so surprised at just simple they are. We made one for each of us, and thus began the addiction.

One of my favorite things about making these cake stands is shopping for the pretty plates and bases. There’s a antique and resell shop in my town that I love and probably frequent way too much. In fact, it’s kinda become a Sunday ritual (they’re only open on certain days) for my mom and I to go and search for little treasures. And lately we’ve been scouring the place for antique plates and candlesticks to use for cake stands. It’s so fun to match up the plates with different and unique bases. 

For this cake stand, I used an antique plate with a lovely bird & flower design on it, and a small crystal candlestick for a base. You can mix it up by not only using candlesticks for bases but also drinking glasses, small vases, and sundae dishes. You can just have fun with it and experiment with different variations. Really anything that has a sturdy base with a flat top. One of my favorite things to use are milk glass candlesticks and vases. It always looks so classy!

Don’t think you can only use cake stands in the kitchen, they are so versatile. In fact, I have one sitting on my vanity holding my perfumes, lotions, ect. You can also use them in the bathroom to hold soaps and other toiletries. 

I really hope you give this project a try! But I’m going to give you the same warning I kept reading on other blogs, there is a good chance you will become addicted to making these. In fact, you may not be able to look at a plate and candlestick without wanting to make a cake stand. You will walk out of the store with five plates and five candlesticks and people will look at you funny. But we will both know… it was all worth it! :)

Supplies Needed:



epoxy glue (E – 6000)

a heavy book


Step 1 – After you gather your supplies, you might want to see how you’re positioning your base. I always like to make sure I know the exact spot I want it in before I glue it down. If it helps, you can mark the spot with a pen or marker, as the candlestick will cover it once it’s glued.


Step 2 – Apply epoxy to the top of the candlestick and place it in the middle on the back of the plate. After you have it where you want it, press it down gently. Carefully wipe off any excess glue.

009 (2)


Step 3 – Place heavy book on top and allow to dry over night.


And in the morning, wake up and admire your hard work!

017 (2)

Below are some photos of the other cake stands I’ve made:

050 (2)

054 (2)



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  1. This is such a great idea! I have 2 cake stands but I have always wanted to have more!

  2. My only comment is to make sure you let the glue "cure" for 10 minutes before placing the candlestick and plate together. :)

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to remember that! :)