Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Inspirations Take 2

Hey loves! Thought I would share round 2 of what has been inspiring my crazy brain lately. Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here as well. :)

Have been sooo in love with this song lately. I’m a huge fan of Sucre (aka Stacy and Darren King, and Jeremy Larson) and have had this lovely tune on repeat constantly. The music is so whimsical and unique, and of course, Stacy sounds as angelic as ever. Someone on YouTube described this song as  “Mutemath/Nine Inch Nails meets Alison Sudol” lol, wouldn’t have thought to put it that way…but it describes it rather well actually.


After years of this being on my “to bake” list, I finally did it… I made Crème Brulee! Woot! I’ve been super inspired lately to try baking new things and when I came across this yummy recipe for Cookie Dough (Oh yes, you read that right) Crème Brulee… I just knew… it was time. And I’m so glad I finally gave it a go! I don’t know why I always thought it would be so hard to make… it could not be simpler. It was so delish and with the layer of cookie dough at the bottom, very decadent. Recipe to come soon! Next on the list … macarons… wish me luck! :)

This scripture is so beautiful and comforting to me - "He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.” Zep3:17

I love watching this sped up video of Elise Larson creating one of her adorable paintings. Watching the art in action is so beyond inspiring!


015 - Copy

Okay, so I know I posted about The Sweet Boutique in Sugar Land last time but after another visit there last week… I simply couldn’t help myself. I must confess my undying love and affection for this oh so adorable bakery and their delish treats. Namely their cupcakes. This time I tried the Tiramisu cupcake (pictured above), which was so amazing! The vanilla cupcake with a coffee center and mascarpone frosting on top was heavenly! I also tried a salted caramel macaron and my parents tried an almond macaron; needless to say we loved ‘em!

I also posted a photo of their lovely display of cake pops and macarons. Just looking at this display makes me want to get in the kitchen and bake my heart out. :)

Cannot tell you how much I love love love this video! I have been a bit obsessed with watching art journaling videos on YouTube lately and this is one of the best ones I’ve come across so far. It’s a sped up video of an art journal page from start to finish. So creative and artistic! This left me crazy inspired to try new things in my art journal.



Last but not least, this beautiful quote. Did that dream instantly pop in your mind when you read this? I know it did for me. :)

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