Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wedding Recap!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since my sister’s wedding. It all felt like such a crazy whirlwind but it could not have turned out more beautiful!


(Photo courtesy of Blackbird Photography) 

My sister is a Georgia peach now so we were basically helping her plan this wedding long distance through many phone calls and Skype sessions. Yeah, not easy. Her & her husband (they were already married but never had a ceremony) came down a week before the wedding and it was non-stop chaos getting everything ready. Luckily we had a lot of help with family willing to pitch in left and right. Such a team effort! My cousin even came all the way from PA to be a bridesmaid and help out with everything. She was such a life saver, even stepping in as a wedding coordinator of sorts. Seriously we all kept telling her she should do it professionally.

One week isn’t a lot of time to get things together but somehow we all made it happen. We did wedding crafts (as it was very much a DIY wedding), threw my sister a bridal shower complete with great food, cupcakes, and bubble tea (first time making bubble tea, so easy, will post recipe soon!), wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Then the night before the wedding my cousin and I basically stayed up all night long baking treats for the dessert table and making cds to play at the reception. I got three hours sleep, woke up, finished making chocolate truffles, headed straight to the wedding venue to decorate, get ready, take pictures, and head down the aisle. So I may have been a bit delirious from lack of sleep lol but I suppose my sister is worth it. ;)


(Photo courtesy of Blackbird Photography)

It was an outdoor wedding held at a nature center close to our town where they said their vows in front of a pretty wooden arch. It was a lovely place that fit their woodland/rustic theme perfectly. And after a minor mishap that made us a little late getting down the aisle (so inevitable, right?) everything was quite a success! It was a small but beautiful wedding and I think everyone had a great time.


My sister took this photo of us on her phone after the wedding as we were all getting ready to leave. I think it might be one of my favorite photos of us. I don’t know if you can tell in the photos but she dyed her hair blue, green, and purple…looked so awesome! So my cousin and I surprised her by putting blue streaks in our hair last minute so we could match; she loved it!

This photo was also taken about ten seconds before I basically lost it and dissolved into a puddle of tears lol. The reality just set in that those were my last few minutes with her till her and her hubby left back to GA that night. I swear I’m such a basket case sometimes when it comes to the people I love … no really, maybe it was also the sleep deprivation, but I was still in tears when I got home lol.

She moved to GA in March, and while I hate living so far away from each other, I’ve adjusted and am fine most of the time. We call and Skype as much as we can. But spending a week together and then saying goodbye all over again is still heart breaking. I guess it probably always will be. We were always so attached at the hip that it’s so hard saying goodbye not knowing when you’ll get to see each other again. I’m sure many of you can relate to that feeling.

But I’m so glad that we had that week together and that I got to see her walk down the aisle. The wedding was so lovely and she made the most gorgeous bride ever (though I may be somewhat bias ;)).


  1. Kindly send my warm congratulations to your sister..Best wishes to the both of them. :)