Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A List of Things To Do When You Have a Case of the "Blahs"

Hey lovelies! Do you ever have those days or weeks where you just feel so uninspired, bored, or just plain blah? I know we all go through that from time to time. Well that’s exactly how I was feeling a couple weeks ago. Just a really bad case of the “blahs” & just couldn’t shake it for some reason. So I made a list of things that might help me break out of it and find some inspiration… and it actually worked!

So below is a list of things that seem to help me navigate the “blahs”. Hope this helps you too when you find yourself falling into a blah day. :)


*Dance like a manic to "Cray Button" by Family Force 5! Really any song you can rock out to will do but I recommend this one… FF5’s music was kinda made for dancing like a manic to. This is my “jam”, if you will. ;)

*Write a short encouraging scripture, quote, or lyric on your hand or arm to be a sweet reminder through out your day.

*Be a DIY diva and make something pretty! I just made this coffee filter wreath that I saw on Pinterest. It was so fun to make and I love how it turned out!

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*Get your behind in the kitchen, put on your cutest apron, turn the music up way louder than necessary, and bake cupcakes! With lots of swirly frosting and colorful sprinkles! Hand them out to family and friends!

*Workout! I know this totally contradicts the one above lol, but sometimes working up a good sweat and getting those endorphins going is totally the cure. I’ve been doing this workout (as well as others) by Tiffany Rothe lately and I’m loving them! They are so awesome! Granted you might feel a little goofy doing some of the moves lol but it totally works!

*Take a walk. I live in a small town and we may not have much (we don’t even have a Wal-Mart, you guys) but we do have a really lovely bay front that’s perfect for evening walks. Being out there in the cool evening breeze, watching the sun set is a sure fire cure for the “blahs”.

*Write out ten things you're thankful for in your journal! I think it helps to see every reason you have to smile all written down in black & white.

*Art journaling! It can be so therapeutic to get out my art journal and supplies and make a huge mess for an hour or two. Being creative is always a "blah buster" for me.

*Get away from the computer. Nothing makes me feel more sluggish than spending too much time on the computer… and I’m so guilty of this! I’m trying to be better about it though. So I vote we take some time away from the computer/cell phone/etc.  and do… anything. Pet your cat, read a book, call a friend, go get coffee, learn French, dust off the old piano and get to relearning it (which is a goal of mine), make earrings out of bobby pins (my sister & I actually did this & they were so cute! lol)…anything.

*Write encouraging letters to strangers and leave them in fun spots all over your town. This is what the organization The World Needs More Love Letters is all about. It’s also very much about forgetting yourself and your problems to focus on the needs of another. Which is something we all need to do more of; nothing can make you feel better faster. Think about partnering with them to spread some words of love and hope with people who really need it.

*Plant some flowers or herbs and watch ‘em grow! I just planted a some indoor herbs last week and they are already starting to grow!


*Make some delish homemade iced coffee for a mid-day pick me up… like this recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

*Make a playlist of happy songs and go for a drive with the windows down.

What are some of your cures for the blahs or your “blah busters” as we’ll call them?

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