Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Crafts & Easter Photos!

Hey friends! Hope y’all had a lovely Easter! Can’t believe it’s already been over a week ago now! It’s always the holiday that feels like the official start of spring to me.

My Easter Sunday was spent with my family. My dad preached a really good Easter message at our church & after service we had an egg hunt for the kiddos. My mom & I cooked Easter lunch and my aunt and cousin joined us for the feast. And feast we did! We made what has become one of our favorite meals ever, Stuffed Chicken Marsala! Along with mashed potatoes, green beans, and French bread. I meant to take a picture but everyone was pretty starved and I didn’t have time lol. But I did however get a a couple photos of our desserts.

Banoffee Pie and Maple Nut Chocolate Eggs! Neither of which I think turned out especially pretty lol (The pie was supposed to look like this. Yeah, not so much.)…but both were so delish! And that’s what counts, right? :)


Okay, if you’ve never tried Banoffee Pie…do it. Do it now! It was my first time making it and now my family and I are hooked! Graham cracker crust, bananas, thick and rich toffee, whipped cream, & chocolate shavings (was supposed to be chocolate curls but whatever…I apparently can’t curl chocolate). What’s not to love?


The filling for these eggs is unbelievable! I bought a small bottle of maple flavoring from a cupcake place called Bliss while I was visiting my sister in GA and the taste that it gave these eggs was just out of this world. A creamy maple center with chopped walnuts covered in chocolate. Really sweet but amazing.


Colored eggs to use for decoration! I tried to be all fancy and give a couple the “ombre”effect… again, not so much. But I did have a little too much fun with a gold paint pen and while they’re not all fancy and “ombre”… I dig ‘em.


The “sun design” on the purple egg just kinda happened on its own after I used the paint pen. Yay for happy accidents!

Maybe it’s the spring air but I’ve been in an especially crafty mood lately. And have been enjoying days of crafting and listening to music. Not to mention pinning new crafts like cray (Yes, I just said “cray”… too much Family Force 5 & only ff5 fans will get that. Ok, anyways.) These are the projects I’ve been working on lately:

French Script Easter Eggs -



I found the tutorial for these French Script Easter Eggs on Pinterest. They were so easy to make! My mom and I made them with some wooden eggs she had in her closet. After we did a few of the French Script ones we got the idea to cover some in sheet music. I printed out free sheet music of Amazing Grace (that I also found on Pinterest) and covered the rest in that. I love they way they all turned out but I think sheet music eggs are my favorite!

Spring Napkin Rings -


These spring napkin rings actually happened on accident as they originated from a totally different idea. I had seen a tutorial for Burlap Easter Bunny Napkin Rings on Pinterest and thought they were so cute! I had gotten a good amount of burlap from my sister who has tons of it left over from decorating her wedding, so this seemed like a fun way to use some of it.

I set out to make the bunny napkin rings but half way through was just not really feeling it. So my mom had the idea to use some left over fabric we had lying around to make some spring inspired napkins rings instead!

I think they turned out really cute! They were made out of paper towel rolls, hot glue, fabric, ribbon, and fake flowers. Below is a picture of them on our table as well as the one lone bunny napkin ring we made lol. 


Spring Bunting -

005 - Copy

Using up more of the fabric and burlap, I made this Spring Bunting! It was super simple to make and didn’t require any sewing. I hung it up in my bedroom over my closet and I think it totally brightened up the room! Really loving it!

I think spring inspired crafts are the perfect way to start the season! Like I said, I’ve been in a crafty mood lately so I have a couple more DIY's on the list for this week! Happy spring, lovelies! :)

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