Monday, May 18, 2009


I wrote this lyric at 3 :00 one morning lying in bed... wide awake, pen and paper in hand. I didn't sleep that much that night...needless to say. When I have a pen and paper in my hand at 3 am, sleep does not happen till I finish. I was inspired to write this after thinking a lot about a specific relationship that had become a victim of time and change. My question was: how do you go from being so close to a person to becoming complete strangers? I just felt really saddened by the fact that after growing up together.... years later we didn't even know each other anymore. And it shouldn't be that way, but it was and I knew that it probably wouldn't change. Not that we hadn't tried I suppose. Which led me to my next question: who's fault was it? I really felt most at fault for it, I felt a lot of regret that I hadn't tried harder. But really it was both my fault and that persons fault. We just could never seem to meet in the middle. At times, I would put in the effort and that person wouldn't. Then they would put in the effort and I wouldn't. So we both let it happen over time. Although, maybe that's just how it goes sometimes, right? As you grow up, you change so become totally different people, and no longer relate to each other. No longer have much in common. But I think that's when you start to build bridges. If the relationship is important you're going to work through and adjust to all the changes. In every relationship, you are going to have to build bridges, and rebuild bridges, and repair bridges. It takes so much work but I believe it's worth it. And I don't want to put it off till tomorrow anymore. I feel like I have for too long. And you never know when it's going to be too late to build those bridges. So make the time and build them now.


Any bridge that once existed there is long gone.We never tried to build at the same time. If you were holding the nails I would lose the hammer. Or maybe we just seem to forget where we put it. And to get to each other we'd have to swim, yet neither one of us want to get wet.

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build when I get the time."

Oh the memories, when bridges were built easily. Now their a commodity. I don't remember how or when it broke but we both got soaked. Maybe we just forgot how to build, maybe that's just how growing up feels.

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build if I get the time." But we haven't yet.

Oh across the turning tide we notice each other over the great divide. And you asked "How can I get to you?" And I replied "I wish there was a bridge connecting us two." So you look for the hammer and I look for the nails. Will we build a bridge? I guess only time will tell...

So we let the water pass by and left the tools by the wayside, and said "I'll build if I get the time." Oh will we always let the water pass us by? And let the tools rust in the meantime? And say we could never spare the time? Oh someday I don't wanna have to say we never made the time and to what once was have to say goodbye.

(C) Krystal Celeste

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