Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dance Inspite Of The Rain

So since this is my first blog entry, I thought I'd start by posting a lyric I wrote a few years ago that's very close to my heart. Writing this lyric really felt like a release for me. The chorus of the song was inspired by a TV show I saw about funny things that go wrong at weddings. There was a story about a couple who had their reception outside in a tent. Well of course, the inevitable starts to rain. Well actually not just rain, but pour would be the operative word I suppose. All of the sudden, the tent becomes so weighed down by all the water that it starts to leak through in large amounts, soaking all the guests. To make maters worse, all of this is happening while the bride and groom are having their first dance as husband and wife. Now, you'd think that water flooding the once beautifully decorated tent, drenching all of the guests would put a damper (no pun intended) on what would otherwise be a beautiful moment. But by looking at this bride and groom you would have thought it was all sunshine and rainbows and birds singing...not a flash flood. While everything was in chaos around them and all the guests were pretty much screaming "you get the ark, we'll get the animals", this couple never took their eyes off each other for one second. They continued their dance completely and utterly focused only on each other, as if none of the chaos of the storm was going on around them. They danced. Instead of being afraid of the storm or affected by the chaos, they danced. I feel like that's what God beckons us to do. To dance with our eyes totally focused on him inspite of the crazy storms going on around us. To take these steps of faith instead of focusing on our "cripple". Instead of focusing on the pain, fear, and anger...instead of focusing on the storms and the rain leaking through, to lock eyes with him and dance. I believe that's where peace comes in, and healing comes in and finally we are free.

Dance Inspite Of The Rain

My creator, you held out your sacred hands and said "My child can I have this dance?" Slowly my crippled legs took their first wounded step and I nervously rejoined this dance.

With the rain pouring down and the wind blowing all around, the thunder is loud yet we don't hear a sound. With you I can dance in the midst of the rain. Though the tent is leaking and the water comes flooding through, I will dance inspite of the rain with my eyes focused on you.

Yeah this is peace, this is freedom from the chains that have bruised my arms. These same arms I will now throw up to the sky and twirl around and around as the rain flutters by. I do not notice the storm when I'm locked into your eyes.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh I'm Peter looking down instead of straight ahead. I'm Thomas doubting you've been resurrected from the dead. I'm the ballet dancer whose feet bled. Where is my movement in this dance? My apathetic legs have forgotten the steps. But maybe even the weakest step holds great meaning.

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(C) Krystal Celeste

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