Saturday, January 9, 2010

Find Me In The Midnight

Find me in the midnight, in the inviting glow of your moonlight. In the middle of my chaotic life I stop to hear your calming moonlit lullaby. I'll learn to live like your stars, surrendering my fight to burn with your love tonight. Like a gleam of grace in the dark sky, I'm starting to see your fingers trace. Find me in the midnight of your embrace.

Find me in the morning light, breathing in your redeeming sunlight. Vibrant and brand new, radiant, and on fire with redemption's tune. Even the birds sing joyful songs to you. Find me in the morning sky, fully alive, and joining in their tune.

Find me in the day, find me in the night. Find me in the place where joy and pain meet and collide. Find me in the depths, find me on heaven's very breath. Where death and everlasting life connect. Where life battles death, and dark battles light. Where death may find a victory if only for a night. Find me where heaven and humanity intersect. Where new life blossoms and resurrects. Find me in your divine romance, where your angels rejoice and dance.

(C) Krystal Celeste


  1. what lovely lyrics - i love the second verse. such a beautiful song :)

  2. Thank you Megara,I really appreciate that! Hope you'll keep reading. :)