Saturday, January 30, 2010


I walk through the winter snow, fear follows and leaves tracks behind me as I go. Oh I'm blue today, can't you tell by this sad serenade? Oh honey, the mess I've made won't go away on the first light of a warm summers day. Even If I smile you'd be smart to see through this phony charade, call my bluff, and pull the plug on this parade. But somehow...

Fear is the catalyst in the darkest hours of the night, to make me run towards your love and surrender this fight. Fear is the catalyst that finally gets me to move out of the cold of my broken soul into the warm arms of you.

I feel the cold, does that mean I'm still alive? The shock of the ice quickens my pulse and is painful inside. Like a car spun out of control, I'm wrecked right into a telephone pole. Oh you know I've chased a thousand white rabbits down a million black empty holes. But something in me is starting to change. Melting a frozen heart happens at a slow pace.

{Repeat Chorus}

How do we tread through the murky waters of our fears? Why are afraid that if we do you won't be there? Guess we're all afraid in some way. Afraid to grow numb to your touch, blind to
miracles, and too frozen to budge. Will you send love to melt us?

{Repeat Chorus 2x}

(Written April '06)

(C) Krystal Celeste

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