Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inspiring Quote ~ Sharing The Gifts God's Given You

"I challenge you, as I challenge myself, to let your God given creativity surface. The world needs you. The church needs you. We need your ideas, your insights, your colors, Your contribution. What you are passionate about was created in you to make a splash in this life that no one else can make. Make it now." - Nicole Johnson

I love this quote! It's such a great reminder that God has given us each something special to share with the world. Something we are meant to share. Something that other people need us to share. I know I have been affected and changed for the better by so many people's beautiful gifts. I hope and pray that God would use me that way as well. It's amazing to know that He didn't skip over anyone, He placed those gifts and abilities in all of us, before we were even born. We all have a God given purpose. Don't be afraid to live it.

For so long I have been afraid to live it. I have been afraid to share what God has given me, for fear that it didn't matter, for fear that it wasn't good enough, or important enough. But God didn't place those things inside of me for no reason, He put them inside of me to share with others. So whatever your contribution is, don't be afraid to make it today. God put it inside of you because He knew that we would need what you have to share.

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