Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Top 20 Love Song Playlist

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I would post a playlist of my top 20 most favorite love songs. Whether I have a special guy in my life or not, I've always seen this as a very lovely day. Only on rare occasions have I ever felt sad on V-day. Actually it's always been a favorite tradition of mine to make strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles on Valentines Day. It just makes me happy. :) So today whether you have a special someone in your life or not, I hope you enjoy this playlist and I hope you have a happy day. Pretty love songs like these give me something to look forward to for when God sends that right man into my life. Because on Valentines day, and everyday for that matter, I'd rather have no man than the wrong man.

So do check out not only these songs, but these artists as well, cause they are kinda fabulous. Also, I would love it if you would leave me a comment and tell me what love songs are some of your favorites. Happy love day! :)

1. Reflecting Light by Sam Phillips

I've become such a huge fan of Sam Phillips. Her voice is so beautiful and so distinctive. The second I heard this song I knew that this just has to be the song I dance to at my wedding someday. It's simple yet so romantic. "The moon's never seen me before but I'm reflecting light."

2. The Blowers Daughter by Damien Rice

Can't help but swoon when I hear this song.

3. Let It Be Me by Ray Lamontagne

There is no possible way you can help but going into a dreamy state when Ray Lamontagne sings. His voice is magical. This is by far one of my most favorite love songs ever.

4. Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop by Landon Pig

"I think that possibly maybe I'm falling for you." This song makes me want to be reading a book while sipping cappuccino at a cute cafe, as in walks this handsome man, who looks exactly like Ryan Gossling...hey this my fantasy after all. We would lock eyes as he walks my way. I then would of course proceed to spill the cappuccino all over my dress and walk out of the cafe humiliated and my perfect fantasy would be over....

5. I Let Myself Fall by Rosie Thomas

Rosie Thomas has such a beautiful voice. This song is so soft and romantic. Don't let the fact that it was featured on Grey's Anatomy fool you, it's a good song. ;)

6. The One Who Loves You The Most by Brett Dennen

The last verse of this song is my favorite - "When you forgive your imperfections and you auction all your clothes, and you look to see your true reflection, you will be the one who loves you the most."

7. So Are You To Me by Eastmountainsouth

I want this song to be sung at my wedding, sooo beautiful!!! "As the ruby in the city, so are you to me"

8. Cocoon by The Ember Days

My sister and I both want this song at our weddings someday. We both want to walk down the aisle to it. Silly, but we thought maybe someday, our daughters might even want to walk down the aisle to it as well, that maybe it would become a little family tradition. :)

9. As Simple As It Should Be by Tristan Prettyman

The url to my blog actually comes from the bridge of this song. "I am almost twenty three, confused with all the lines in between. They are dying to be read. Softly spoken, simply said."

10. Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

New favorite. I'm addicted to The Civil War's infectious music.

11. One Line by P.J Harvey

I love how dramatic this song sounds. It's the only song I know by P.J Harvey but I love the intense way she sings.

12. Inevitable by Anberlin

The drum solo in the middle takes my breath away.

13. Blush by Plumb

"When you look at me I start to blush..." a song for the hopeless romantic.

14. Love, Where Is Your Fire by Brooke Fraser

A song about the One true love that never fails us - the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. "Love, where is your fire? I've been sitting here smoking away. Making signals with sticks and odd ends and bits, but still there's no sign of a flame. Imposters have been passing, offering good-feeling glow. But I'm holding out for what You are about - an inferno that burns to the bone."

15. Follow Through by Gavin Degraw

A song about following through with the words you say. I don't want to be told any flowery, pretty words if there's no real actions to back them up. That's basically what this song is saying. "Since you want to be with me you'll have to follow through with every word you say."

16. Every Little Thing by Hawk Nelson

I love how in this song he's falling for this girl because he admires her love for God -"She's been on my mind. She's working over time. She's got perfect reasons that she loves to talk to Jesus. I think I believe her when she says life could be so simple if we'd all just learn to pray."

17. Wait For Me by Rebecca St. James

I know some people would say this song is over-killed, but it's still special to me. I think even more than the song itself, I just love what it stands for. Waiting for that person God sends into your life, not settling, and hoping they wait for you too.

18. I Will Be Here For You by Micheal W. Smith

I know some of you are probably thinking "A love song by Micheal W. Smith?" But it's true. This has been a favorite song of mine ever since I was a kid. The moment I hear these lines, "When you feel the sunlight fade into the cold night, don't know where to turn, don't know where to turn. And all the dreams your dreaming seem to lose their meaning. Let me in your world, baby let me in your world.", I'm totally gone, this is a truly melt worthy song.

19. Someday by Frank Sinatra

Ah, a classic. This song makes me feel like I should be dancing in a pretty pink flowing dress. :)

20. Does This Inspire You? by Dies

With the industrial sound of this song, it's definitely not your typical love song. Dies is the side project of Showbread frontman, Josh Dies. This is a song he wrote for his wife Abi. I think this is the song that every woman wishes their husband would write for them, with the lyrics being very ala The Song Of Solomon. I couldn't leave this one off the list.


  1. I love ray lamontague and the blower's daughter as well :)

  2. Awesome! They're such great artists. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by. Hope you'll visit again sometime. :)