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My Favorite Albums & Music Discoveries of 2012

Can’t believe we only have hours of 2012 left. Crazy! Hope you are all having a fun and happy New Years Eve! This year just seemed to fly by. There’s a lot to reflect on when thinking about this year but right now I want to talk about one of my favorite things of 2012: the music.

It has definitely been a great year for music. Some of my favorite bands released some killer albums and I felt like I was just discovering new favorite bands left and right. Here is a list of some of my favorite albums and music discoveries of 2012.

Also, I would love to know what albums and artists made your list this year so please feel free to share! Happy New Years, friends! :)

Favorite Albums of 2012 -

Milo Greene – Self titled debut


Okay, so you might say that I have a slight obsession with this album… I’ve been listening to it almost everyday since it’s release. But I can’t help it, I simply need my daily Milo fix. This 5 piece CA band released their self titled debut album in July to much anticipation. Especially for those like me who discovered their music in 2011. But it was totally worth the wait as they created an album that is absolutely stunning from start to finish. You will fall in love with the beautiful harmonies and haunting melodies.

My favorite tracks are … well, every track, but if I had to choose a few: “What’s The Matter”, “1957”, “Take A Step”, “Autumn Tree,” and “Wooden Antlers”. If you haven’t checked out Milo Greene yet what are you waiting for?!

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The Lumineers – Self titled debut


“Keep your head up. Keep your love.”

That’s a lyric from what is possibly my favorite song of 2012, “Stubborn Love” by Denver based band, The Lumineers. Their self titled debut album, which released in April, stole my heart. This album is pure joy, let me tell you! Everything about it makes me feel incredible. You can’t help but dance around to their foot stomping folk sound, beautiful harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics.

Even though without a doubt “Stubborn Love” is my favorite, with the lyrics making a permanent place in my heart; some of my other favorites include: “Ho Hey”, “Big Parade”, “Flowers In Your Hair”, and “Dead Sea”. 

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Kimbra – Vows


Pop music made by someone with real talent is sadly an oxymoron. But Kimbra proves that it’s actually possible. For someone so young she truly has talent well beyond her years. When this album is on I simply cannot help but sing and dance along to every track. Her music is just too fun! The fusion of pop, dance, and jazz is infectious.

My favorite tracks are, “Good Intent”, “Something In The Way You Are”, “Two Way Street”, and “Posse”. “Vows” is on constant rotation in my cd player, it’s an album that I don’t even think it’s possible for me to get tired of.

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Anberlin – Vital


Anberlin just released their 6th studio album, Vital, in October. When I heard a few songs from the album on YouTube last month my first thought was, “Yes! Finally! This is what I’ve been waiting for from them!”.  I seriously haven’t loved an album from them this much since “Cities”, which is my favorite Anberlin album. “Cities” set the bar pretty high for me not only because every song is amazing but also because it walked with me through a very tough time in my life. So it means a lot to me. And in my opinion their last two albums just weren’t quite up to par, but this one… is. so. awesome.

Though I just received this cd as a Christmas gift from my sister it hasn’t left my cd player since. I can’t get enough. My favorite tracks are “Self Starter”, “Someone Anyone'”, “Modern Age”, & “God, Drugs, & Sex”. Be sure to give Vital a listen, it’s truly Anberlin at their very best.

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Sucre – A Minor Bird


Three incredible musicians whom I’ve loved individually for a longtime came together and recorded an album and it’s, in a word, breathtaking! Stacy Dupree King (Eisley), Darren King (MUTEMATH), and Jeremy Larson make up the stunning combination that is Sucre. With Stacy’s angelic vocals, Darren's crazy beats, and Jeremy’s beautiful string arrangements they have created one of the most dreamy, ethereal, and magical albums I’ve ever heard,

My favorite tracks are “When We Were Young”, “Chemical Reaction”, “Stampede” and “Say Something”. Be sure to pick up “A Minor Bird” if you haven’t already.

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Favorite Music Discoveries of 2012:

The Lumineers


Though there were a lot of good music discoveries made in 2012, I think these guys may be my favorite. Here’s the song that made me a fan: “Stubborn Love”.

St. Vincent


Even though St. Vincent has been around for a while I just discovered her music this year and was blown away. The first time I watched the incomparable Annie Clark play guitar my jaw was on the floor. Seriously, this girl can shred! Watching her play, her fingers flying across the fretboard, is thrilling but also fills me with a deep sense of regret… like why didn’t I lock myself in my room for ten hours a day practicing guitar just so I could play half as good as Annie? And yet even after taking lessons off & on during my teens years and early 20’s, here I sit only remembering like 4 chords. Ugh! But I digress.

She has become my favorite female artist not only because of her mad guitar skills but also because of the diversity of her music. It ranges from pretty and ethereal pop, to gritty rock, to almost ambient & electronic in sound. If you’ve never heard St. Vincent check out this video of her performing her song “Surgeon”. The guitar riff in this song is insane… I can’t even.

The Paper Kites

the paper kites

Oh what to say about The Paper Kites…you just have to experience them for yourself. And it is an experience. Just put on their music, close your eyes, and prepare to be taken to a far away land. They make some of the most magical music you will ever hear. Check out my favorite Paper Kites song: “Bloom”.

The Vespers


Two sisters and two brothers meet at a camp fire jam session and the rest as they say is history. They make bluegrass/folk music with faith tinged lyrics that you can feel in your soul. Plus, these girls can sing! Check out their their rendition of Son House's "Grinnin' In Your Face".

The Head & The Heart


These guys are seriously so good! I fell in love with their music after hearing the song “Rivers & Roads” on YouTube one night. This song is not only beautiful but I just felt like it summed up everything I’d been thinking and feeling throughout the year.

Kimbra -


I keep forgetting that I just discovered her music this year after seeing her in, what else, Gotye’s video for ‘Somebody That I Used To Know” last January. Feels like I’ve been listening to her forever. I actually ended up becoming more of a fan of hers than Gotye’s. Can’t remember when pop music sounded this good. Here’s one of my Kimbra favorites: “Good Intent”.

Family of the Year -


Just discovered this band from Los Angeles in the summer and have been loving their music ever since. Their song “St Croix” was the song I pretty much wore out all summer long… my summer jam, if you will. 

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