Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Playlist Volume, {2}


Happy Christmas eve, y’all! Can’t believe it’s already here! I spent all day yesterday doing some last minute shopping with my family… yes, on Christmas eve eve. Ah, what were we thinking?! Packed out crowds in the mall (Bath & Body Works was like a mob scene), very limited selections, and crazy traffic. But it was all remedied with some Chick-Fil-A and a cup of Starbucks hot chocolate. That is the cure all in my book ;).

Today my mom and I are in the kitchen cooking and baking our little hearts out for tomorrow. Then I still have some gift wrapping to do tonight; which I actually love doing…am not the best at it, but it’s fun! I know most people get their wrapping done early but I love to put on the marathon of “A Christmas Story” (one of my favorites) on TV and wrap gifts. It’s kind of a tradition for me. I’m excited, I must admit. There’s something about Christmas eve; the anticipation of it all that makes me feel like a kid again, you know?

So in honor of Christmas eve, I have my last Christmas playlist, volume two, to share with you guys today! Hope it gives you a little something to sing and dance around to while you’re preparing for tomorrow.

As I have mentioned, it’s been a little hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year (admittedly because it’s been a hard year & I just feel kinda tired) ; but the more that I shift my thinking to really focus what it truly is about, the more I feel the warmth in my heart. I love all the traditions at Christmas (am big on tradition) but it’s really not about these things. It’s not about having “the perfect Christmas” (as if there is such a thing), or even spending time with family (though that’s a wonderful part of it); it’s about this story of Jesus coming as a baby to save the world thousands of years before I ever lived; and having that story be real in my own life. Finding myself in that story of salvation. Having the realization that it’s more than just a story; it’s real.

This Christmas I want to stop and remember how God sent his only son as a baby to earth to save me and you. I want the story to be personal; to be real in my story. What an amazing and crazy plan it was; to send the Savior of the world in the form of a tiny baby? Only an amazing God could think that one up. And that is my hope.

This year I need a little something more than gifts. I need to remember this hope and to have it be real and alive in my heart. I hope you have the merriest of Christmases! :)

Christmas Playlist, Volume Two

Christmas Playlist 2 by Krystal Rodriguez on Grooveshark



“Drop your hands into this heart of mine, oh how it needs lifted. I wanna forgive and I need to be forgiven. I wanna let live cause I need to do some living. I wanna find a light this Christmas night with you.” – Wishing For This by Leigh Nash

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