Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Music Break – “Autumn Tree” by Milo Greene

I think these guys just might be my new musical obsession … and after you hear them, you’ll understand why.

I recently discovered the folk band, Milo Greene, and from the first listen was completely blown away. Seriously, their music is simply stunning! This 5 piece band from California, which is made up of Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, Marlana Sheetz, Andrew Heringer, and Curtis Marrero, has been garnering lots of attention lately having opened for another band that I kinda love, The Civil Wars (and from what I hear, got standing ovations on most nights), which seems like a perfect fit! I don’t think I’ve been this taken with a band since The Civil Wars. With a sound that they describe as “Cinematic”, flowing melodies, and beautiful harmonies; their music grabs your attention so much that you stop whatever you’re doing just to listen.

You might be wondering, as I know I was, where their band name came from… at first I was like “is one of them named Milo Greene?” Well according to guitarist/vocalist, Robbie Arnett, in an interview with Balarama Music, “Milo Greene” was the name and e-mail of a fake booking agent that Robbie created in an effort to sound more professional when him and Andrew were in separate bands in college. Both bands would use this name and e-mail to get gigs. So when they joined up together to form a band, they thought using the name of their first booking agent would only be appropriate.

I instantly fell head over heels for the songs “Autumn Tree” and “1957″; both are so amazing! I must’ve hit the repeat button at least a hundred times. And since I can’t stop listening to it, I thought I’d share a video of “Autumn Tree” with you guys! You can also watch a video of “1957″ here and they are giving away a free download of this track on their Facebook. So be sure to head on over there and download it, you won’t be sorry. Unfortunately that’s the only way to listen to their music right now as their debut cd won’t be released till sometime in the next year.

For a band that doesn’t even have any albums out yet, I’d say they’re off to a pretty great start. Be on the look out for Milo Greene in 2012; they are definitely ones to watch.

For more info on Milo Greene:

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