Saturday, December 31, 2011

My One Resolution for 2012…

I know this may sound funny... and maybe because it's been such a serious and daunting year for me is why I feel the need to say this; but in this new year I resolve to be more free and light. To not let things worry me and bring me down; instead to let go and enjoy life. To let go of the things I can't change and focus on what I can. To let things be as they may and give it over to God.

This for me, knowing some things that are ahead that I'm sorta dreading, will be a really big challenge. But this is what I want this year. I'm not big on resolutions like I used to be... they never seem to make it past spring for me. But this is my one resolution for 2012.

To allow myself to be free and light and joyful. To smile and laugh way more than I did in 2011. To find reasons everyday to smile and to be thankful no matter the circumstances. To focus my attention on positive things and people. To close my eyes and breath in all the good things that I'm way too prone to looking over. To have fun. To be creative. To let God work in my heart and life more than I did last year. To become more the woman he made me to be. To hope for, look for, and expect beautiful things to happen in 2012.

Nothing weighing me down... I need to feel free and light in this new year.

Happy New Year, my friends. May 2012 hold more smiles & beauty for you than you can handle. :)


“Dear 2012, I was freaked out about you but I'm not anymore. I'm frustrated & that's when I'm at my best. Let's do this.” - Jamie Tworkowski

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