Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feature on “The World Needs More Love Letters” Organization

"Through, requesting, sending, leaving, and writing the love letters, this site won’t ever stop asking these questions to its visitors: Could you script a letter of love to someone you will never meet? Is there someone in your own life who could use a love letter? Where could you leave a love letter today?"

Has someone ever sent you a sweet letter of encouragement when they knew you needed some cheering up? A letter that seemed so perfectly timed that helped give you some hope in the midst of the struggle? If you have ever received or written a letter to let someone know they are not alone, you know how much of an impact it can make. Well that's exactly what "The World Needs More Love Letters" organization aims to do; only these love letters may find themselves in the hands of people you've never even met.

When I stumbled upon their website recently I was in tears reading about what they do. It truly touched my heart and I knew that it was something special. Now, I know when you hear the phrase "love letters" you think of the mushy letters you would send to your significant other ... but this is a different type of love letter.

"More Love Letters" was started by a girl named Hannah Brencher from New York City, when in October 2010 she started writing letters to complete strangers on the subway. Just fresh out of college and feeling lonely in the big city, Hannah poured her emotions into letters of encouragement to strangers who might be going through the same things she was. She started leaving these letters in random places such as the subway, cafes, and libraries. Hannah found that investing love and encouragement into others through these love letters was actually helping to heal her own heart. Soon enough she had written over 400 love letters and in September 2011, created "The World Needs More Love Letters" website so other people could start spreading the love. The overwhelming response to Hannah's idea is amazing, in the short time this website has existed people have stepped up to plate and written over 1, 600 love letters! It's easy to see that this idea has really struck a chord with many.

If you want to add to the love getting involved is really simple; start by writing your love letter! They recommend using your best stationary as this letter is special, (it's a love letter after all) decorate it and make it lovely; but most importantly, make it heartfelt. Also, be sure to write MoreLoveLetters.com somewhere on your letter or envelope so the person who finds it can also get involved. Next, leave your letter somewhere creative where it's sure to be discovered, take a picture of it and send it to the fine people at More Love Letters!

A couple more awesome ways to get involved; you can request a letter for someone you know who's going through a really tough time and could use some hope and encouragement. They will receive a bundle of letters from sweet people who want to brighten their day. You can also adopt a love letter bundle and get together with family and friends to write lots of letters for a special request.

I have yet to write my first love letter but I'm so excited about getting involved! I think the reason this idea has resonated with so many is because we all feel these same emotions; we all know what it's like to feel depressed and alone. We've all been there and we need to remind each other that things will be good again and that there is hope. And maybe because often times the fastest way to get out from under the dark cloud is to focus on how we can help and be there for others. Maybe when we take the focus off ourselves and reach out to others who are hurting is when, like Hannah, we will find our own heart being healed in the process.

This Valentines Day how about we take the focus off ourselves and write a love letter to someone we will never meet?

Below is a video of More Love Letters founder, Hannah Brencher sharing her heart on how it all got started:

For more info on how to get involved with The World Needs More Love Letters:

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