Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Winter…

This is a little poem I wrote a few nights ago. It wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular. I was actually just playing around on Ommwriter… which is one of the very best discoveries I’ve made lately!

If you’ve never heard of it allow me to give you quick summery,  their website describes it as a “writing environment”, it’s designed to get you to write without any other online distractions. It gives you pretty fonts, backgrounds, and even plays soothing music to write along to. I’m kinda sorta in love with it! The music they play seriously makes me feel like I’m writing at a spa! Every writer should give it a shot… you won’t be sorry! :)

Now back to the poem, as I was playing around on Ommwriter, my creativity was sparked and I just started typing. This poem just kinda came out… I like it when that happens. It’s always a joy when you don’t set out to write anything in particular, you’re just writing, and all of the sudden a picture starts to take shape. :)

The Winter



On a cold winters day, I stopped at the end of a icy river bank to pray. "Come" I said, "come what may". Walking home in the silent, peaceful snow... no one but me and my thoughts as I go. I see my breath flowing in icy white circles in front of me and feel my face freeze , pink nose and rosy cheeks. Something about this snowy isolation is sweet and soothing to me. Solace, oh sweet solace, serenade me.

Oh there was a time the bitter cold threatened to ice out my soul but comfort came not a moment too late and wrapped its arms around me and walked me all the way home.



With you I don't fear the cold winter days and nights anymore. I let them be. I let them pass right by me. I choose to see them as beauty in waiting, new life waiting to leap, spring in a deep sleep. I just have to wait ... wait silent, still, unafraid.

For in you I am unharmed as you keep me from frozenness. Your warm love and blinding light melts away all the ice.

© Krystal Celeste

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