Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hang Doilies In Your Window & Smile!


Sometimes when life gets hard and you feel stressed out, you just need to hang doilies in your window and smile! Agreed? I thought you would! :)

I saw this adorable doily garland on Pinterest last week and decided it was something I needed in my life… or in my bedroom. It was beyond simple to make and took no time at all to put together; as the only things you need are doilies, yarn, and double sided tape. I already had white Christmas lights strung up so I just draped the garland right over them. I think the lights look so lovely peaking through the doilies!


It added such nice dose of warmth & whimsy to my bedroom (am in love with whimsy where ever I can find it). It also added a healthy, much needed dose of happy to my heart and has been making me smile. Funny how much it cheers you up to surround yourself with things you love. Even simple things like doilies and white lights. It’s the little things, folks.

And what girl doesn’t heart doilies? They’re so pretty and feminine! How can you not smile with doilies hanging in your window? Impossible! I highly suggest making one for yourself! :)

Here’s the link:  Doily Garland Tutorial

And while I was at it, thought I would include a couple photos of my vanity area that I added a couple new touches to!


Clipboards with print outs for some much needed new wall art!


And a pretty cake stand that I found hiding in the back of my mom’s kitchen cabinets. She’s had it for years but forgot about it, which is just all kinds of wrong in my opinion. But out of sight out of mind, right? So I thought I’d give it new life again by dusting it off, putting a doily on it (seeing a theme here), and using it to hold all my perfumes, lotions, ect. Not to mention my cute new little owl figurine… she deserves a special place after all. :)

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