Monday, January 7, 2013

A Peek into My Christmas 2012!

A week into January and the tree is finally down and the decorations are put away… and I must say that I’m already going through Christmas withdraw. Christmas 2012 was such a good one! I feel like it totally made up for Christmas 2011, which in all honesty, was kind of a dud with a lot of stressful things going on and being sick with the flu. But this Christmas was so nice! I feel like I really got to soak up every single second of my favorite holiday. It was full of a lot of decorating, too much baking, lots of Christmas music, shopping, movie watching, a Christmas concert, enjoying old traditions & creating new ones, and time with family.

Christmas day was really low key as it was just my parents and I. We opened presents that morning and then got to open a few more on Skype with my sister who now lives in GA with her husband. It was our first Christmas without her here and we missed her, thankfully Skype makes it a little bit easier. Even though it was just the three of us my mom and I still cooked up enough food to feed a whole army lol. Needless to say, we had left overs pretty much all week. After eating we basically spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies.

As much as I love Christmas day I really think all the days leading up to Christmas are honestly my favorite part. There are so many fun and happy memories made over the course of the whole month of December. So here are some of my favorite photos from this holiday season. :)

Christmas 2012 -

012 - Copy

My Christmas season started out a little odd as I was asked by a family friend to help judge a Christmas dog costume contest my town was having. It was just so goofy I couldn’t resist! These little cuties; dressed as a crab, a shark, and fish were the prize winning pups. Oh the wonders of living in a small town. ;)



Our living room all decked out for Christmas!


Handmade Christmas tree ornaments! My sister and I went all crafty this year. I made cupcake ornaments and sent a couple out as gifts to her and my cousin. And my sister made the bulb with fake snow and a picture of all of us at her wedding. So beautiful, makes for such a sweet keepsake!


Table set for Christmas dinner!

067 - Copy



Christmas in the kitchen and my pretty pink tree! I would honestly have a tree in every room if I could.


Yes, it’s a Christmas tree made out of cupcake liners!! Thank you Pinterest! :D


Oh the holiday baking! So many treats so little time. These are Peppermint Bark Brownies!


Peppermint Mocha Cupcakes I made for my churches Christmas dinner. So delish!


S’more Pops also for church dinner.


Some of the ugliest sugar cookies you will ever see courtesy of my mom and I. Yes, we have the cookie decorating skills of a 5 year old... and I have made peace with that lol. Though I must say, I was quite proud of my star shaped “peace” cookie. A small victory for me really. Contrary to what they look like they were actually pretty tasty.


The very best toffee I have ever made in my life, thanks to a book I received for Christmas called “A Homemade Life” by author & food blogger, Molly Wizenberg. This was Molly’s mom’s recipe and let me tell you, it’s utter perfection! Never in your life have you tasted toffee so amazing! I made this on New Years Eve and it went fast! By the way, if you haven’t read Molly’s book, do it, it’s part memoir part recipe collection. If you’re a foodie you’ll fall in love with it, trust me.

019 - Copy

And last but not least, the bay in my town all decorated for the holidays! It’s so lovely to just take a stroll at the bay with the cool December air blowing and everything all lit up. Very peaceful!

So that’s a little peek into my 2012 Christmas season! Hope you enjoyed looking around and that your holidays were lovely as well! :)

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