Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flaws & Learning To Accept Them

The Day 30 topic of the January Blog A Day challenge was “Your Biggest Flaw”… which was …um …yesterday (which should come as no shock seeing as how I haven’t exactly been keeping up). But I decided to go ahead and post about it anyway.

I’ve actually been thinking a lot about flaws lately. It’s hard to say what my biggest flaw is because on most days I feel like this imperfect human being made up of so many countless flaws. And I am…

* I’m the worlds worst procrastinator

* I can’t seem to keep up a work out plan to save my life these days

* I eat semi healthy for a few days then end up caving to the evils of chocolate or Dr. Pepper

* There’s a hole in my jeans

* I can be stubborn and hot headed

* I can be crazy insecure

* Slightly clumsy

* Hopelessly awkward

* Too afraid

And the list goes on and on. But out of all these flaws I’d say my biggest one is not accepting my flaws and not accepting myself.

I am imperfect and I am flawed… but I ‘m finally at the place where I’m ready to stop lamenting it and start accepting it. To accept myself… just as I am. Just who God made me. Flaws and all.


Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to improve myself…because I do. I desire to grow and learn and become all that God wants me to be. But I think that may start with being comfortable in my own skin. Learning to love and accept myself. Being good to myself instead of beating myself up over all these flaws.

There’s a beautiful freedom in letting go of the idea of perfection, because perfection does not exist. And I’m glad that it doesn’t… I mean how much would I truly rely on God if I was “perfect”?

This is something I feel really compelled to work on this year. In fact, I even dedicated a page in my art journal to this idea as a reminder:


This art journal page may not be perfect and I may not be perfect… but that’s okay. :)


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