Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Foodie Penpals Reveal


So I’m a couple days late in posting this but better late than never, right? I’ve missed Foodie Penpals!! I haven’t participated since June so I thought it was high time I jumped back in for November!



I received this lovely box from Nicole in NY! Everything she sent me was so different than what I’m used to that it made it even more fun to sample.

Pocky Chocolate – Staying true to form, I of course, went for the chocolate first. These things are so cool! Thin little chocolate sticks! They taste great and would make the perfect on the go snack or even a great movie snack!

Snow Pear drink – This drink has a very light pear taste and was very refreshing after chilling in the fridge for a while.

Chin Chin – Honestly, I didn’t think these had much flavor. They remind me of cereal though.

Lychee Candy – I’m usually not a fan of hard candy but these have a pretty good sweet slightly sour flavor.

Snapea Crisps – Was a little nervous about these lol, but they’re not bad! They have kind of a tangy flavor. Nicole recommended crushing them up in a salad which I think would taste great!

Shrimp Crackers – Okay, so here’s the thing… one of the reasons I love Foodie Penpals is because you get to try a lot of new foods/snacks that you’ve never tried before. It can be culinary adventure! And I always make sure I give everything a try once. But I have to admit with these shrimp crackers … I just couldn’t bring myself to do it lol. You see, I’m a staunch seafood hater, I’m not proud of this fact, but it’s just the truth. So this was the one thing I just couldn’t try. :/

Other than the shrimp crackers this box was a winner! Thank you Nicole for such a thoughtful box! And also thank you to Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean for organizing all this foodie fun! :)


Foodie Penpals is taking a break for the month of December, but you’re welcome to CLICK HERE to sign up for January. If you were planning to participate in December, I encourage you to donate the money you would have spent on a box to your favorite charity this holiday season.


  1. Hi Krystal!!! Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I got your cookies yesterday--and they are deeelicious. Seriously. Caramel, chocolate, sea salt and nutella--all of my favorite things. Thank you so much. The packaging was beautiful and they arrived in perfect shape. I'm going to instagram a picture in just a moment (my username is @bloggingoverthyme if you want to see!)

    1. Hi Laura! You're so welcome!! So glad the cookies got to you safely and that you enjoyed them!! I had fun making them... and eating the extra ones lol. I just took a look at the pic on instagram! Thanks for sharing the pic and my blog!

      I loved looking around your blog, by the way! So many delish looking recipes that I have to try! Especially those gingerbread cupcakes! Yum!

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)