Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy & Sad List #blogtember

Hey lovelies! So for this #blogtember prompt we were instructed to head to a coffee shop or even just somewhere we don't normally write and share things that make us happy & sad. Well I unfortunately wasn't able to to do that... so instead I chose my kitchen lol. While yes, it's still my home, it's at least a room I don't usually write in.


I even tried to give it a more relaxing "coffee shop vibe", if you will. I made me a pumpkin spice iced latte (which truthfully didn't turn out quite right, I can't even taste the pumpkin), snacking on a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie (my current addiction), water fountain on, and the scent of chia tea in the scentsy (this may be the best scent ever). Not to mention the calming music of OmmWriter. So yes, I think this will do! Sometimes ya just gotta improvise, right? :)


This prompt feels sort of reminiscent of the "Comfort Is" post I did last week so I'll try not to repeat myself too much.

Happy List -
The most important ones have to go first...
1. My relationship with God. He is my true source of happiness. It's when I'm actively seeking and putting Him first in my life that I'm most happy, content, and at peace. Apart from Him I'm not sure real happiness even exists.
2. My family. They are my best friends. I don't know what I'd do without them.
3. Baking (& cooking)! If you know me or read my blog I'm sure this is obvious lol. In the kitchen baking with some music on is truly my happy place.
4. Music. I could not imagine a life without music. It's like air to me. A good song with amazing meaningful lyrics... it can be life changing. And not to get too over dramatic here, but it's been a huge saving grace in my life.
5. Good conversations where you really connect with someone.
6. Coffee!! Right now it's nothing but Pumpkin Spice lattes for this girl. Iced though because it's still like 90 degrees during the day here in TX.
7. Chocolate. Self professed chocoholic right here. I need help, seriously lol.
8. Fall! This is truly my favorite season! Everything about it is lovely.
9. Live music! Haven't been to a concert in ages... last one was Switchfoot & Anberlin at Stubbs in Austin back in Oct. 2011. That is just wrong.
10. Large journals with pretty paper.
11. Arts & crafts supplies: pretty scrapbook paper, washi tape, mod podge, cute stamps, ect.
12. Art journaling & smash booking
13. Cute cafes. Like this one I fell in love with in Dallas some years ago.
14. Gilmore Girls reruns
15. My cat
16. Antique & thrift stores. The kind that go on forever and you can get lost in. Especially ones that have tons of pretty vintage Pyrex!
17. Roadtrips… driving with the windows downs letting the cool breeze in & some good music on.
18. Jazz music

Sad List -
Not to bring you down or anything...
1. Goodbyes. Nope. Not a fan.
2. Living far away from people I love
3. When someone I love is sick or going through a hard time. When you feel like there's nothing you can do to help them.
4. Losing friendships
5. When people try to change you instead of just accepting & loving you for who you are.
6. When something I bake or cook doesn't turn out right. Okay, so maybe that's not so bad but this list was getting a little too heavy. :)

So there it is, my happy & sad list! I'm glad to see that the happy list is way longer. I think that's a good sign. That's the way it should be, right?  I hope you are able to find more happy than sad in your life today as well. Maybe sometimes we just need to search it out a little to realize it's really right in front of our face. :)

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