Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Photos of My Random Life…#blogtember


Wow, I think that may be my cheesiest blog title yet but it’s all I had lol. This #blogtember prompt is only photos! Though I can’t help but break the rules just a little bit and add a few words about each one. So below are some random photos from the past few months of my life.


A field full of huge sunflowers I saw on the way home from Waxahachie, TX in July. I had to stop myself from becoming a sunflower thief because I was kind of dying to steal one or two!

039 - Copy 

Pretty rainbow after a rain storm, also on the way home from Waxahachie.


Photo of me, my sister, & our dad at Yummy Finds cupcakery in Victoria, TX back in July!


A fall wreath that I made this past weekend over Skype with my sister. Proud of how it turned out!


Cotton field hidden in the back roads of my town. I’ve found myself riding by this spot a lot this past summer and it has sort of developed a special meaning to me.


A lovely pink Pyrex baking dish I scored at the antique store in my town!! Am in love with it!! :D


More antique store finds; kangaroo salt & pepper shakers and a vintage tin sign.

004new Summertime at the bay in my town.

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