Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Letters To Some Special People…#blogtember

So this #blogtember prompt has us getting all sentimental, writing a “love letter” (that doesn't necessarily need to be romantic) to someone in our lives. Well there are a few people that I decided to write short letters to… I’ll try not be overly cheesy. But that may be hard as cheesiness tends to be my specialty lol.


To this special pink haired girl (wearing a zombie unicorn dress in this photo :)), my little sister, Cecily -


(Cec & me while she was visiting this past 4th of July.)

I miss you… like crazy!! Before I get to the mushy stuff, allow me to pout for just a second: I hate that my best friend, concert & baking buddy had to move hundreds of miles away from me. I hate that we never took a train to Seattle and begged for a job at Tooth & Nail. I hate that we never opened up our rockin’ music venue and cafe where we would have gotten Showbread to play the first show. And I hate that we never crowd surfed at a rock show.. (okay, so maybe it’s a good thing we never did that :p). But…

I love knowing that no matter what happens.. no matter the crazy ups & downs or the miles that separate us that we will always be close. I think time has proven that. I love knowing that we can get through anything.  And I love that we still make a way to do fun things to together even if that means baking cookies & making wreaths over Skype.

I have learned so much from you over the years. The way you have overcome struggles in your life and come out even stronger. I’ve always admired your individuality.. the only person I know that would wear a pink tutu to a church convention lol. I would always walk away totally inspired by one of our late night conversations about God & life. Or reading an amazing blog you wrote.

I know that life has changed so much over the past couple years. We both have new lives & new dreams, and I think that’s a good thing. But what will never change is that I’m still your big sister, I love you, and will always be here for you.

To three awesome gals, my cousins Pam, Erika, & Ashley: - 


(Ashley, me, Pam, & Erika @ my grandparents house back in 2000)

Ash, Erika, Pam, & me 1999

(Ashley, Erika, Pam, & me! With Ashley & me sort of hogging the camera just a bit, ha! I think this was taken in 1999)

Oh my, where do I start? lol Some of my most favorite & fun memories are with the three of you. Being homeschooled from the time I was in the 5th grade, I didn’t really have the “typical” teen years, but I feel like you guys provided that for me. Because of y’all I have a lot of fond memories of my teen years (& beyond).

Riding around town all day with the windows down listening to all the late 90’s pop music, talking & laughing (really loudly) for hours in my room, the totally insane obsession we had with *Nsync (Yes, I went there :p) lol, going to *Nsync & Backstreet Boys concerts, and all the many other fun & weird things we did back then. The four of us, always together, we were such a little group. It always makes me smile thinking back on it all.

Even though now that we’re all grown up and don’t get see each other as much as we’d like, I still love you gals like crazy! And I’m so glad that we still talk and still make time to be a part of each others lives. You’ve never just been my cousins, you’ve been my friends, you’ve been my sisters. We’ve had our ups & downs over the years but we always seem to find our way back to this circle and I hope that we always will. - (Kiwi ;))


  1. Aww this was so sweet!! I miss our group also!

    1. Thank you!! I know, right?! So glad you read it... PamAlambaDingDong! ;)