Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let’s Go Shopping! – Favorite Online Shops #blogtember


So let’s talk online shopping, shall we? I honestly don’t do very much of it. And when I do it’s typically music from Amazon and the occasional Etsy purchase. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love browsing! Oh I’m like queen browser, not just online mind you, but in stores say like, Hobby Lobby. I can spend way too much time in there. Just ask my family, it tends to drive them nuts.

But today’s (okay, technically yesterdays..)  #Blogtember challenge is to share our favorite online stores! So I will share some of the ones that I love browsing the most… and at some point, will make a purchase from lol.

Sherri’s Ink -

You may recognize Sherri Dupree Bemis from the awesome band, Eisley! Who are one of my favorites bands ever. Well not only is she a super talented musician but girl can draw! I’ve been dying to buy one (or 5) of her lovely prints for my wall. Her art has such a quirky, whimsical feel to it! These are a few of my favorites:




Custom Catastrophes -

This store is owned by another musician, Ariel from the band Icon For Hire! This girl can rock and it definitely shows in the clothes & accessories she designs. Ariel is actually known to set up her sewing machine right on sight at the bands merch table, making things for fans to buy at the shows. Though I will say, while I love love her designs… I don’t think I could pull most of them off lol. Now my sister could totally pull it off without a hitch… but she’s just cool like that. Whatcha gonna do? lol A few favorites:

Black Rose Corset Purse

2 Left-Reversible Blue Owl Scoodie

Skeleton Key Wrist Cuff

Kitsch Cafe -

This is hands down my favorite Etsy store to peruse! They have an abundance of vintage house wares, home decor, fabrics, & craft supplies. These are a few things I’m currently drooling over:

Cathrineholm orange and white lotus leaf pot

Floral pattern vintage pedestal mugs

Vintage ceramic sundae dessert cups, bowls

Retro Planet -

My sister just introduced me to this place and oh my gosh, I want everything in this store!! They have basically everything you can think of to give every room in your home a retro vibe. Drool worthy, I tell you! A few faves:

Retro Cake Shop Tin Sign

Colorful Atomic Wall Clock

Beehive Salt and Pepper Shakers

Also, my cousins just opened up their own Etsy shop a couple days ago called, Stolisomancy, where they sell lovely things like this Jade Stone Ring. Be sure to check it out!

Happy shopping!! :)


  1. I LOVE vintage-inspired kitchen ware! I am positively obsessed with vintage Pyrex dishes like these:

    Sorry, that was a really long link. :)

    Cute blog!

    1. So am I! I have a growing vintage Pyrex collection I recently started. There's an antique store in my town that always has a ton of it. So I'm a bit addicted lol.

      That's like my dream collection lol. Thanks for sharing it! :)